Training Your Puppy

A well trained puppy is worth any effort you put into it.
This page has a lot of information on how to do to do this.

Once you buy a puppy from me, I will still be available with any questions you may have.  One of my daughters is very knowledgeable about this too, sometimes I pick her brain.

A Buttercup!

A Buttercup!

Puppies are born paper trained.  How cool is that?
The first time you take a litter out of their cage,
they head straight for the papers we have down and they go potty.
We have learned to put the papers by the door in our kitchen too because that is another place they like to go potty.  By the door!  I think they just know that the outside is beyond the door and that is where they are supposed to go potty.
I don’t really know if this happens for other breeders but it does for us.
They are so smart and easy to train.

How to Train your Puppy

When you get up in the morning, have a tiny dog treat ready, your clicker, and take your puppy outside.
If this is your first puppy, then you can pick the spot you want him to go.

Take him to the same spot every time.

Stay with your puppy while he goes to the bathroom.
You will be “letting him out” soon enough.
He will sniff around, walk around in a little circle and go.
Give him the treat immediately and really praise him!
If you are using a clicker, and I recommend you do, then click it one time when he goes.

Be consistent.
Use the same praise words and act extremely happy when he goes to the bathroom! He will usually go twice when you take him out, so don’t take him in too quickly!

Soft or very tiny dog treats are the best for training.
You want instant gratification.
If he spends too long having to chew a treat, he will forget why he even got it! If the treat is too big, break it in small pieces.

I have found no treats in any store that are healthy for puppies.
You can find  healthy ones at Life’s Abundance and can order some when you order your dog food.
I sell Treat Kits now so you can make your own.
This includes a recipe so you can continue to make them once the mix is gone.

Please stay away from “greenies.”  I didn’t even bother reading the ingredients after I read not to use for puppies under 6 months of age.

Use a piece of meat as a treat.
It can be raw, this is even a healthy thing for your puppy and is full of enzymes. You can also use cooked.
Please no lunch meat as it has sodium nitrates in it and it not only has been proven to cause cancer but can also just make a dog feel sick.
It gives me headaches and many of my children too.

Take him inside when he is done going to the bathroom.
You want him to associate going outside with going to the bathroom.
After about 20-30 minutes of playing,
he will have to go to the bathroom again.
Take him outside and repeat the procedure.

Put him in his cage if you can’t keep an eye on him or if he didn’t go.
~~This is important.~~
It will be harder to train him if he is already accustomed to going to the bathroom in the house.
Some people set their timer and just take the puppy out automatically when it goes off.
If your puppy is laying around or sleeping you don’t have to worry about it.

If you catch him going to the bathroom in the house, grab him, firmly say “no!” and toss him outside.  (Gently, of course.)
Don’t worry about a treat or the clicker in this instance and don’t take the time to put on a coat, shoes etc…
it is better just to get him outside quickly so he understands.

It is well worth the effort to have a trained puppy!
Please note that I highly recommend clicker training!
I wouldn’t even consider training a puppy without a clicker.
Please do not try to train your puppy to go to the bathroom in more than one place.
If you want him to be able to go outside and inside,
I would train him first to one place and then the other.
You do not want to confuse your puppy.

Clicker training speeds training by up to 50%.
It reinforces good behavior with a consistent sound.
When we use our voices for praise, we have a different tone each time, even though we might not think we do.
The consistent tone is key here for the training.
Almost all animal trainers us a clicker for training.

Before you start using your clicker for training your puppy, you must first teach him what it is.

Have your clicker and some soft treats in your hand. 
Make sure you have your puppies attention and kneel down by him.  
Click the clicker and give your dog a treat. 
 Don’t praise him, you are just doing this to teach him what the clicker is.
Do this a few times so he learns that something good is coming when he hears the clicker noise.

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Make sure you don’t overwhelm or confuse your puppy by giving him too many commands while he is “in training”.  It is best to stick to one thing at a time.
You want the treats and the praise to be very special and desirable to him.

Once you have your puppy potty trained, use the treats and the clicker for any other training you want.

I have been told by a few of you that you have taken your new puppy to a pet store for doggie classes where they are taught to sit, etc…The problem with this is that it is being done while the puppy is being potty trained at home and I find it is just too much for the puppy.

One thing at a time seems to work best.
Those of you who teach your puppy too many things at once are the ones who call me because your puppy is having trouble getting potty trained. They will do anything for a treat but the treat works best if it is only given for one thing at a time. It just makes sense that you would want them potty trained first.

So get your puppy potty trained first and then do the classes.

I think the potty training is the easiest part of having a puppy. The chewing thing is a little bit tougher but really not too bad with the breeds I offer,since they are all of a laid back nature.

Have a lot of chew toys handy, no rawhides please and no “greenies” especially!

 When you catch your puppy chewing on something that you don’t want him to chew on, tell him no and give him one of his toys to chew on. A good loud “NO” would be appropriate here!

Have at least 2 toys in each room that way you will have one handy to grab for your puppy.

Here are a few ideas that you might find helpful.
Have a few rinsed pop cans with coins inside them. 
Tape them shut and toss it next to the puppy or rattle it near him when he is doing something undesirable. 
I know of one trainer who says to put coins in a bag and uses it in the same way.

If you ever catch your puppy even thinking about chewing on something undesirable, like a table leg, sprinkle some nice strong cayenne pepper on it. 
He will only try this one more time and that will be it.

Make sure your puppy has access to his toys.
We have ours in a pretty decorative tin that is actually a bit taller than I would have thought they could reach, but reach it they do and they dig and pull toys out until they find the one they are looking for.
We sell their favorites in our home and on our Products Page.