On this page you will learn about stools and how to care for a puppy or dog who has a loose stool.

This story is from way back when, pre-holistic days, when I had to deal with stuff like loose stools.  I found it pretty amusing!

We have 2 vets we use when we need to.  We see them for rabies shots and my daughters have horses too. We also go to them to get a puppy exam done so we can ship them.  Both these vets are great guys and oftentimes have given us pretty good advice.

One always insisted you use Pepto Bismol for loose stools and the other one always insisted on using Kaopectate. They are each very insistent about their choices.

The vet I was seeing one time, was very insistent about me not using Pepto Bismol.  He insisted it had to be plain Kaopectate.  His reasoning sounded pretty good to me.  I was pretty clueless at the time.

I couldn’t find the plain version of Kaopectate anywhere, only mint flavored.
Finally, at the last store, I started reading the ingredients of both the Pepto Bismol and the Kaopectate, comparing them.  I realized they were exactly the same! I laughed so hard.

Here they were, working in the same office, disagreeing about which product was the best and they were identical!  Haha!

A Buttercup!

A Buttercup!

“For centuries Native American healers used clay internally and externally in the treatment of a variety of illnesses. In years past sailing vessels departing from France were known to store clay on board for the treatment of dysentery as well as other ailments. Animals, domestic and wild alike, instinctively drawn to 
clay deposits have been observed licking the clay as part of their everyday diet, and rolling in it to obtain relief from injuries. “
Dr. Simon Cohen, N.D.“It’s power as a detoxifying substance comes from its inherent ability to adsorb and absorb. It’s unique ability to grow and change (adsorb) is the reason for it’s classification and recognition as a Living Clay. “Dr Simon Cohen

    I have always had some sort of clay on hand.   I am always searching for the best products to use and will switch if I find something superior and this stuff is the very best!  I use it everyday, just to keep my pets healthy.  Both puppies and adults get this.

I think Natural Wonders Bentonite Clay is amazing and I would never be without it.           
Canned pumpkin is great for stools too.  It is for both, constipation and diarrhea. They love it too!You can order this from me or purchase it in my home when you pick up your puppy.