Questions & Answers

On this page I will address some of those questions that so many of you ask me. I pretty much have everything covered on my website, but it is so big, I think many of you are missing much.  I hope this makes it easier for you!

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Can I Rename My Puppy?

Yes, please do, they are not really used to their names at this point anyways.  Plus, sometimes my kids pick some pretty strange names for them!

What’s wrong with this puppy? 

This is asked when there is just one puppy left.
One puppy has to be the last puppy and there is no reason you need to be worried that something is wrong with it.  If there were something wrong with this last puppy, I wouldn’t even offer it to you.  Many many times our favorite is the last one left, seriously! 

Sometimes there are just 2 in a litter, one of each sex and the other sex gets chosen, leaving that last puppy.

Sometimes we are planning on keeping that particular puppy for breeding but decide against it, usually because of size.  This oftentimes happens when it should already have been sold.  So we are advertising this particular puppy late in the game and he is getting older by then.

Almost every single person who buys from me, whether they live in my state or not, choose a puppy just from looking at pictures on my website.  So that means, no one ever even saw that last puppy in person.  It is about 99% of my customers who choose a puppy this way.

A little side note, you are more than welcome to come and see my puppies too, you do not have to pick online.  I have some who fly in to pick a puppy too.

I heard teacups are not healthy, is this really true?

Teacup means a dog is 5 lbs or under.
My teacups are very healthy but many teacups are not healthy, let me tell you why.

Many breeders, and I do not mean all of them, but many, lie to their vets about when a mama is due to have a litter.  Then they get a
c-section done on that mama and get those puppies out early.  These puppies will be very tiny of course, because they are premature babies, and they will stay tiny as they grow up.  They will have health issues because of this.

Why would they do this, you may wonder?  To make more money.  Teacups are usually sold at a higher price.

Will my puppy get along with my cat or dog I already have at home?

Yes, yes, yes.  I have never one single time heard of one of my puppies not getting along with a cat or another dog that a customer already has at home.  Around here, ALL animals get along, horses, chickens, ducks, goats, cats, etc…  Animals are actually very loving creatures and they all get along very well.  Non vaccinated animals are actually more calm and non aggressive with other animals.

Can my puppy be left alone during the day?

Yes, most people work and so this just has to be.  One thing to keep in mind is that puppies are babies and sleep a lot and then, when they are dogs, they are lazy and sleep a lot!   They require much more sleep than we do. 

I have some good ideas from other customers for how to set up a system with a doggie coral and a cage for when you are gone and your dog is a puppy.  Just ask me about it when you pick up your puppy.

What about tear staining?

We don’t have it.  Tear staining is a sign of something amiss on the inside.  Just like when we have bad skin, thin hair, weak nails etc… that is a sign that we need to get into a healthier state.

Make sure you read my Tear Staining Page!

I am nervous about getting a puppy without meeting it first. 

This is the first part of this statement, they usually go on to say, how can they trust me when they don’t get to meet me, as is the case when I ship a puppy.  Or when people place a deposit and pick up their puppy at a later date.

Here I am going to tell you why you can trust me.

I go to mass every weekend, Catholic yes, very much so.  I pray for every puppy, both before and after it is sold.  I pray for my business and all of my customers that I meet in person or even on the phone.

My heart seriously breaks for some of you, yes, you share personal things with me.  Many of you do not know that I pray for you individually by name.  Some of you may not care too much about this but there it is.

If I wasn’t a nice person, would I really have spent so many years doing all this writing and research for this website?  This has taken me many many years of my life and I keep spending time adding to it.  I care, too much sometimes.

Do some reading on my website and see if you like what you see but you have to make that decision about whether or not to get a puppy from me.  Some call or email me and want me to talk them into it.  I don’t get that. 

One more thing, almost all of my customers are repeat customers,  or I sell through word of mouth.  This makes me happy, this means I am doing something right and people like me.

I feel bad taking the puppy away from his mama or from his litter mates.   Not a question but let me address this here.

Mama does not care if you take her baby away from her.  Like a woman nursing her baby, she secretes a maternal hormone that makes her feel “motherly” and loving.

By the time a puppy is 8 weeks old, he is done nursing and mama is not feeling quite as loving as she was. The mamas are always ready to take a break and get back to normal, without their puppies hanging on her.  I guess they are ready to cut the apron strings much earlier than a woman is!

Why the high price?  

Trust me, it was much cheaper when I was spending $3.00 per puppy for a vaccine. Some of my supplements are close to $40.00 for one item!  It takes much more time for me to administer these supplements everyday.

We take the time to make homemade food for them when they are very young puppies,  we buy expensive ingredients for this recipe too.

I hate to sound sassy here, but you do get what you pay for.  I have heard from many people who didn’t end up buying from me.  They tell me about their puppy who ended up being sick when they got it home, or getting sick and/or dying a couple weeks later, and they never ever got to talk to their breeder.  The breeder got their money and then did not care.  I care and offer lifetime support.

Will my puppy sleep through the night?

He may be a bit whiny for the first 3 nights, that is the magic number but then again, he may be fine.  Some of you get 2 puppies from me at one time just so they are company for each other and then the nighttime whining is avoided. 

I do recommend an essential oil for the first few nights that helps calm and relax your puppy.  This essential oil, Beyoung’s Lavender is available for purchase in my home when you pick up your puppy or it can be ordered from my Products Page.  Please note that this is 100% pure, almost all of the other brands are cut with jasmine.

By the way, two puppies, bought from the same litter, is a beautiful sight to see when they groom each others faces and well, just love each other.  It is so precious!

How often do I have to get my dog groomed?

Most of you find that every 3 or 4 months works out well.  Many of you get a puppy cut.

Do I have to brush my dogs teeth?

Yes, you should brush his teeth, for the best peridontal health. There are other things that you can add to your dogs diet to help too.  Make sure you read my Teeth Page.  I also offer dental products to help take care of his teeth!

What about spaying or neutering?  When should I get this done?

Don’t get mad, but how about never?  

Oh, I know you are thinking it is the “right” thing to do, but for whom?  

I really doubt your dog is going to contribute to the pet over population, which by the way, many feel it is not really as big a problem as they claim, but rather a way for more money to be made by an organization. Everything, it seems, is about money and the pet over population business is no different. The vaccinations, the heartworm preventatives, etc… all about money. Spaying and neutering is about money too.

One time I found a vet online, who had a practise in Florida and she had a website and on it she was absolutely laughing at the people who got their pets fixed.  She said it was the easiest money she ever made and that we were like “lambs lined up for the slaughter!”  I nearly fell over when I read this!  I couldn’t believe she was so bold to post this!!!

I had her site bookmarked but it was a couple computers ago and I have no idea where it is, but still, I am going to try to find this vet again and post it here.

To answer this question though, here are some facts for you:
A female has a 1/2% chance of dying during the surgery, even if you wait until she is 6 months old.  I imagine the chance of death is much smaller for the male.  This is a surgery and we know sometimes the outcome for any surgery is less than perfect.

I have heard many say it is a cancer preventative, what a farce! That is like they are telling women to have their breasts removed so they don’t get cancer in them! I am so open to a conversation about this.

Many dogs get incontinence from this surgery.  I sold a puppy to a woman once who had a Doberman who had this problem from his surgery.  This poor woman tried everything the mainstream vets had to offer and everything she could find in the holistic world.  She tried my suggestions too but nothing worked.  I am sure a dog as large as this one really “went” when he had to go too.  She didn’t get rid of him though, her 3 daughters would have been crushed!

I think, much like a woman having a hysterectomy, who would be prone to weight gain, depression and migraines, a female dog would have similar issues.  Indeed, they are even telling many dog owners that their dogs are depressed and putting them on drugs for this, tell me that isn’t about money.

Start with these facts here when deciding when or even if you should spay or neuter your dog.   Let me leave you with this last thing though.  The holistic vets do say, if you are going to get this surgery done, wait until they are over a year of age so you have the least chance of unwanted side effects.

Are shots up to date?

No, thank goodness, no. 

Shots weaken their immune system, alter their DNA, cause many diseases and shorten their lifespan. 

Recently, a vet came out and has boldly claimed that the vaccines have always been nothing but a hoax.  They are also saying this in the people world.  So happy that this vet was so brave and honest!  

Both for our pet’s and for us, they are now claiming that vaccinations cause cancer too.  

When talking to people about vaccines and diseases in people, many people will say, “but what about polio?”  The reality is though, that polio was already on it’s way out when they came out with the vaccine.

The flu vaccine is supposed to cause the most problems in people and in the doggie world, it is the rabies vaccine.  Although now they are offering a flu vaccine for the dogs.  🙁

Read my Chronological History of Vaccines, a real eye opener.  Read my Immunizations Page too of course.

I will still sell you a puppy if you choose to vaccinate, I don’t feel it is my place to force my beliefs on anyone.  All I ask is that you do some reading about this on my website.  I am open to a conversation too, I promise I will not judge you.

The vaccination law in almost every single sate, say’s ALL they have to have is the rabies vaccine.  

What kind of collar should I use?

I know the big thing now, is the “harness” and I did use to recommend it, but the fact is, these sweet little puppies I sell are not going to be tugging and pulling on their leash.  The reason the harness was recommended is it puts less pressure on their neck but as I said, with these little, quiet dogs, you do not have to worry about this.

I do sell a collar and leash that you can purchase when you pick up your puppy, many of you are travelling quite a distance and need something for when you need to stop.

Do I have to worry about them chewing on things?

Not really, they seem to just like to chew on their toys.  The bigger breeds chew on everything but not the smaller breeds.  If ever you find a dog/puppy chewing on something you don’t want them to chew on, put a tiny bit of oil on the item or spot and sprinkle some nice hot cayenne pepper on it, the oil helps it stick better.  Trust me, they will never try that again! 

This idea can be used to get cats to stop digging in your house plants too!

Make sure you read my Chewing Page.

Why can’t I just use the food my dog at home is on?

For starters, when you switch dog food brands, your puppy will get loose stools, no ifs ands or buts!  This happens every single time!  

If you feel that you do not want to use my recommended food, then you need to wait until they are at least 6 months old and then do a slow wean. 

If you switch foods before 1 year then your guarantee will be null and void.  Sorry, I think it is so important that they be on a good food, that I put it in the guarantee.

Your food will probably be grain based while mine is meat based.  Dogs are meat eaters, they do not require grains to be healthy. The dog food manufacturers use grain and meal in their food because it is much cheaper than meat.  They even use an inferior grain not fit for human consumption.  Why would we feed this to our pets?

Also, the food I use has never been recalled while so many of the others have.  This usually means some dogs died because of this food.  The food I use is safe and healthy!

I know some of you are thinking you pay a lot of money for your food and it is holistic, etc… how could it ever have been recalled but trust me, it has.  Let me just name a few  here:  Blue Buffalo, Diamond, Eukanuba, Evo, Honest Kitchen, Innova, Iams, Nutro, Natural Balance, Pedigree, Solid Gold, Timberwolf Organics, Wellness, and Wysong.

One  list I looked at had about 175 dog foods listed on it.  Google Dog Food Recalls.

Make sure you read my Dog Food Page!

When can my puppy go around other dogs?

Wait until 4 months of age, this is when their immune system really kicks in good. 

Although, if you can’t wait, no big deal, your puppy already has an excellent immune system because they have been raised with no antibiotics, flea preventatives or vaccines.

Please do not worry about your new puppy going around your other pets at home.

When can I bathe my dog?

Wait a few days and let him get used to his new home, he was just bathed right before you picked him up.

How do I clean my dogs eyes?

Take a warm washcloth, with nothing on it but water and gently wipe from the inner corner to the outer corner.  

If the eye ever seems mucousy, just put one drop of colloidal silver in it each day.  We always use this for our pets eyes and our own too!  It always clear up any issues.

When should I take my dog to the vet?

Hopefully never!  You do not need a check-up from a vet to tell you your puppy is healthy. 

By going there, you will be exposing your new puppy to all sorts of things.  Your vet will be trying to strong arm you into vaccines, flea preventatives and heartworm meds.  Some vets have even done x-rays just to make sure a puppy is healthy!  Oh my gosh!!