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 To Pluck or Not to Pluck 

I’m talking about the hair in a dog’s ears.
I do not pluck the hair in my dogs/puppies ears
as I feel it is there for a reason.

It offers protection to the ear canal.
Just like the hair in our noses offers us protection.
Maybe dogs have sensitive hearing and things will just be too loud with their hair gone.  I don’t think God makes mistakes and He put the hair there for a reason, so let’s just leave it alone.

I think sometimes we create problems ourselves.
(I hung onto my gallbladder too when the doctors wanted it. I kept thinking, what do they mean I don’t need it? So I kept my gallbladder and am fine, many years later!) I’d be happy to share with anyone how to avoid that surgery.

How Often to Clean Ears

Please just clean their ears once a month, it’s plenty.  If you clean more often, you will be irritating their ears and they will start scratching at them.
We have to remember that they are dogs and not people.

How to Clean Ears and get Rid of an Infection

This Ear Spray is the best way that I have found to clean ears. Not only does it clean ears, but it gets rid of infection, takes care of any discharge, kills yeast and mites. It is amazing!

You just spray the dogs ears twice a day for infection or ear mites.  Do this for 3 days and the ear mites are always gone as is any infection. I actually have not had ear mites in a million years. I haven’t had an infection since using this either. 
In the past, I had tried everything from the vets for ear mites.  I had tried different products I ordered and I even tried all the natural things they have.
Nothing ever ever worked. This works!  I 
love the natural things, they always amaze me when they work so well!

The spray we offer is from France and we love it!!  You can order it here!

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