Dogs on Drugs

Yep, you read that title right, Dogs on Drugs!

Veterinarians are saying dogs are depressed and prescribing drugs for them! Please never succumb to this nonsense that your dog is depressed, let alone that he should be medicated for it.

What, because the dog is laying around sleeping too much, he is depressed?  Dogs love to sleep because, well because they are dogs.  Do you know that studies have shown that people who commit suicide were taking antidepressants?  I imagine it is in their side effects list.  I really don’t think the suicide has come about just because they were depressed either. What about the dogs?  Of course there will also be some horrendous side affects for the dogs too.

The vets are also saying now that dogs have autism.  Oh please!

Does everything have to be about money?  How about some honesty?

This little Maltipoo has found a new home, sorry.