Detoxing Your Pet

Our pets live in a very toxic world.  Read what I wrote on the top of my Immunizations Page about Autism and my son who was NOT immunized.  Because of our toxic world our pets need to be detoxed, just like us, especially if they are immunized, have heartworm preventatives or flea products used on them.  Many breeders do all of 3 of these things to your puppy before it leaves their care.  Let’s not forget about the antibiotics they usually put them on too.

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The first thing that must be taken care of, before a dog/puppy receives any immunizations, is to make sure they have the strongest immune system possible. For most of you, the only vaccine your dog will be receiving is the rabies vaccine, since it is the law.  

A strong immune system will lessen the amount of damage from the immunizations and offer them protection. I feel comfortable knowing that my dogs and puppies have a very strong immune system, because of all the healthy things I have them on and the healthy food that they eat.

We also use 3 homeopathic remedies, Sulphur, Lyssin and Thuja to detoxify the vaccine out of their systems.  

We use Nutriments Detox for Dogs and PuppiesSpice for Life Essential Oil is specifically used for this, also, Natural Wonders Clay and Vitamin C. Make sure you read the page about Vitamin C, this is a special Vitamin C that will not cause loose stools.  Check out my products page as I have all of these things in a kit for you.  The homeopathic remedies are very difficult to find I have to get them from England.

Even though I don’t do immunizations, they do get the rabies vaccine as it is the law and so I treat them before and after with the Sulphur, Lyssin and the Thuja.  The other products I mentioned, they are already taking, every single day.

Quite a few of you think that your pet does not need to be detoxed from the rabies vaccine because he seems fine and he never got any other vaccinations.  What will happen after the second rabies vaccine though?  I know what I am talking about, I hear from people all the time about this.  After the second rabies vaccine, they crash, they get sick, etc…  Do the detox to prepare them for down the road when they have to get the second one, third, etc…The rabies vaccine is the one that causes the most damage, so please, take care of your pet!

Many holistic veterinarians use these products.
All of these products can be ordered from my Products Page.