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This is a Maltipoo and she is available. I just lowered her price drastically.  Click on her picture to go to her page.

This is the place to be if you want a healthy, holistically raised puppy.
I do not believe in using antibiotics, immunizations or drugs when raising my puppies. Yes, most breeders have your puppy on antibiotics as a precaution, in case they get sick. Antibiotics are considered a drug and are not without side effects. I think if you start them off with a strong immune system and keep it that way, then you do not need to raise them with unhealthy precautions.

My name is Maryjo and welcome to my website.
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“The first thing that must change is the myth that vaccines are harmless. Veterinarians and animal guardians have to come to realize that they are not protecting animals from disease by annual vaccinations, but in fact, are destroying the health and immune systems of these same animals they love and care for.” Dr. Charles Loops D.V.M.   Make sure you read my Vaccinations Page.

The holistic veterinarians claim that by skipping the vaccinations and feeding a meat based food, they can live 17-25 years.  I am talking healthy years.  I have incredibly healthy parents because I follow this and then of course, the wonderful health get’s passed along to their offspring.  Dogs are descendants of the wolf and they were meat eaters, this is why we like the meat based food.

In almost every state, the only vaccination you have to get your dog, by law, is the rabies shot.  This they will want proof of when you go to get your dog licensed.

I specialize in non shedding/hypoallergenic puppies. They come with a
5 year health guarantee.

It is a must that they be good with children also, this is very important to me. I have 7 kids and 7 grandkids so I feel strongly about  this. Many of my puppies go on to be therapy dogs, either as a companion for an autistic child or a regular visitor to a nursing home or hospital.   The non vaccinated dog is very calm and not yippy either.


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I am going to have set hours now. I will no longer be responding to any emails, messages or phone calls, past 9:00, Michigan time. I will also not respond on Sunday, including having anyone to the house to pick up a puppy. I really need some time off and this seems like the best way to get it. Thank you everyone for your understanding.

Thank you!!

I just wanted to take some time to thank you not only for our puppies but also for the information and personal experiences you have shared.
After reading your website I decided not to vaccinate our dogs (although they did end up having to get the rabies vaccine later on :() and they have been so healthy.
But, your website was what got me started on more of my research and we have since decided not to vaccinate our son, Elijah.

I wanted to thank you for the time you spent on your website sharing and the time you have spent emailing me.

Hope your family is doing well!


Ruby is a perfect little angel! I don’t think she’s barked once since we’ve had her! (Do Buttercups ever bark!?) She slept on Isabel’s lap the whole way home, played with the kids, ate get up until I did at 7:30 to check on her! Not a peep all night! We were ready for a sad crying puppy and there was none of it! She is eating, snuggling etc. PERFECT AS CAN BE!

We love her! You have given us the most perfect dog in the world! THANK YOU!

Thanks again for everything-she’s wonderful!


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