Stress is real and it can affect a puppy negatively.
This page, I feel, is one of the most important ones, so please keep reading and take it seriously.

A Buttercup!

A Buttercup!

As I was working on this page, I was thinking about my own stress that I had been heavily experiencing for the past few days and I thought, I should apply the information on this page to myself!  Lol!  

Then I was thinking about how good dogs are for our stress, studies have shown that owning a dog lowers your blood pressure.  Lucky me, I always have one to scoop into my lap!  I always have one at my feet!

How could we possibly be upset about anything when our little soft furry loving friend climbs into our lap and kisses us?  It is the best!

But this page is about dogs and their stress, not our stress.  Keep reading.

Stress in a small animal can be fatal. Below are some things that are going to be stressing your new puppy.

He is going for his first car ride with people he doesn’t know and with new smells. This can be scary to him. Sometimes there is another animal to get used to in the car too! Then he goes into a strange home with new smells again and a new cage. Maybe there are more new people there and/or other animals. 

Hopefully he will have the same food but the water will be different. He will have a different schedule. He will be missing us, his home, and possibly his mom and/or siblings.

Please avoid excessive handling of your new puppy. 
I know this is a hard one, but it is very important. 
Sometimes children want to hold a new puppy constantly. This will add stress to your puppy and make him overly tired. He will not want to eat if he is too tired or stressed. 

You can read more about this on my Hypoglycemia Page

Stress can bring about Coccidia Page.
It can also bring about Parvo



I like puppies to have Beyoung Lavender Essential Oil when they get to their new homes to help them adjust, it is nice and calming and helps them relax.  It really helps with the transition.  

Trust me, you may want this for the first few nights at home, your puppy may be crying.  Honestly, when people don’t buy this from me, they usually end up calling me the next day asking what they can do because, yep, that’s right, their new baby was up crying all night!

I use this too when I am feeling stressed out, when I have a headache or to help me fall asleep.  Just one or two drops on the back of my neck! This stuff is truly amazing!

It is the first in this line of essential oils that I tried and I was hooked! I was absolutely floored as to how well it worked! I had to use so little too, just one drop!

Sometimes we have a mama in labor who doesn’t want to relax or a mama with a new litter who doesn’t want to nurse, so we give them the Lavender Essential Oil.
It works great! I have tried all the herbs for relaxing and this one is by far, the best.