Spaying and Neutering

I get asked about this a lot, when should I get my dog spayed or neutered?  Don’t get mad, but my answer is, how about never?  

Oh, I know you are thinking it is the “right” thing to do, but for who?
I really doubt your dog is going to contribute to the 
pet overpopulation, which by the way, many feel is not really as big a problem as they claim, 
but rather a way for more money to be made by an organization.

Everything, it seems, is about money and the pet overpopulation business is no different. The vaccinations, the heartworm preventatives, etc… 
all about money.  Spaying and neutering is about money too.

Sweet little Buttercup!

Sweet little Buttercup!

One time I found a vet online, who had a practice in Florida.
On her website she was absolutely laughing at the people who got their pets fixed.  She said it was the easiest money she ever made
and that we were like lambs lined up for the slaughter!

I nearly fell over when I read this!  I couldn’t believe she was so bold to post this!!!  I had her site bookmarked but it was a couple computers ago,
but still, I am going to try to find this vet again and post it here.

To answer this question though, here are some facts for you:

A female has a 1/2% chance of dying during the surgery, even if you wait until she is 6 months old.  I imagine the chance of death is much smaller for the male.  This is a surgery and we know sometimes the outcome of surgery is less than perfect.

I have heard many say it is a cancer preventative, what a farce!  That is like they are telling women to have their breasts removed so they don’t get cancer in them!  I am so open to a conversation about this and I do intend to do a cancer page soon too.

Many dogs get incontinence from this surgery.  
I sold a puppy to a woman once who had a Doberman who had this problem from his surgery.  This poor woman tried everything the mainstream vets had to offer, everything she could find in the holistic world, she tried my suggestions but nothing worked.

 I am sure a dog as large as this one really “went” when he had to go too. She never found help for her dog though. She didn’t get rid of him, her 3 daughters would have been crushed! What a shame though!

The vets just do not volunteer these facts.

I did sell a Buttercup to a woman who had a Yorkie puppy
who died on the table while getting this surgery done.
It was only 6 months old. She was absolutely devastated.

I am pleased to say though that she got a Buttercup from me, even though she had a deposit placed on another Yorkie somewhere else. She kept saying this Yorkie had been the best puppy she ever had but after she got her Buttercup from me, she called me a few months later and said she would never have any other breed! Nice!

I think, much like a woman having a hysterectomy, who would be prone to weight gain, depression and migraines, a female dog would have similar issues.

Indeed, they are even telling many dog owners that their dogs are depressed and putting them on drugs for this, tell me that isn’t about money.

The holistic vets do say, if you are going to get this surgery done, wait until they are over a year of age.

Make sure you read this link about a study they did.



What about a female bleeding though?
I get asked this question a lot.  
Sorry I never addressed it, I sometimes assume you know about this kind of stuff, but why would you?

A female will bleed pretty much once every 9-12 months.  
It is very light, you may not even notice it. If you are worried about furniture or carpeting, you can get her doggie pads.

This is caller her “heat” and this is the time she can get pregnant, so keep and eye on her. You can tell she is coming into heat because she will act frisky, especially around a boy dog! Her heat will last about 13 days but like I said, it is very light, not like a woman.

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