Skin Issues

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“Every skin problem you see is due to vaccinations without fail.
Later in life, arthritic situations and degenerative spinal dis-eases are the result of vaccines.

The rabies vaccine in dogs and cats causes so many problems it isn’t funny…
personality changes, skin changes, damage to the thyroid and endocrine systems.

It lowers the immune system tremendously.
The animal becomes fair game to just about any disease.”
John Fudens, D.V.M.

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“The most common problems I see are that are directly related to vaccines…
are ear and skin conditions..
chronic discharge and itching ..
behaviour problems …
fearfulness ..
aggression …
these begin shortly after vaccination and are exacerbated after every vaccine.

I see the overall health and longevity of animals deteriorating.
The bodies of most animals have a tremendous capacity to detoxify poisons but they do have a limit ..
we overwhelm the immune system with toxins from vaccines poor quality foods, insecticides, environmental toxins.”
Pat Bradley DVM Conway

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“The idea of annual vaccines is really questionable… .. there is no basis for the practice.
There are a lot of chronic conditions that develop some time after.. chronic ear infections,
digestive problems, seizures, skin problems and behavioural problems. ”
Stephen R Blake DVM San Diego CA


One group of dogs was exposed to an allergen (pollen) and then vaccinated.
They did not develop atopic dermatitis.
The second group was vaccinated before being exposed to pollen.
This group did develop atopic dermatitis, as well as conjunctivitis.
The study therefore shows that vaccines sensitize, triggering an allergic state, of which conjunctivitis, as well as atopic dermatitis, are symptoms.

This explains why Canine Health Concern’s (CHC’s) vaccine survey, involving over 4,000 dogs, should find that 56.9% of all dogs in the survey with conjunctivitis first developed it within three months of a vaccine shot, and 61.2% of dogs with skin problems first manifested symptoms within this crucial time frame.

Our premise is that if the vaccine has no bearing on subsequent illness,
then only 25% of all illnesses should begin within each three-month period of the year.

Please bear in mind that, across the board, most conditions began within a week of the shot.

Sometimes dogs are itchy and they have not been vaccinated.
Take a look at the checklist below and see if any of these things could possibly be the cause.

*New carpet, (less than 5 years old that is).  It takes carpeting 5 years to out gas, it accounts for 90% of your indoor toxins.  Your dog pretty much lives on the carpeting, unless he’s a couch potato like most of mine.  Still though, many of them like to floor.  They like to find a patch of sunlight and lay in it.  They’re so cute!

If you do have carpeting, how do you clean it?  Carpet soap in extremely toxic, best to make your own soap or get rid of the carpet.

What kind of flooring do you have?  Flooring can be very toxic.  When we do rip out our carpeting, we did that at our last house even though we put it in new a few years previously, we either will get hardwood, real wood, unstained and stain it ourselves with something natural and use nontoxic glue when installing it.  Other choices are Marmoleum or wool carpeting but I heard it really is hard to get stains out of plus, what about allergies to wool?

Sorry, this was just supposed to be a list!

*Laundry soap, it’s best to make your own and easy.

Artificial fragrances in the home; candles, perfumes, air fresheners, toxic cleaning products.  It is best to rid your home of these things and make your own, it easy, cheaper and works way better.

Maybe I can help you!