Natural Antibiotics

On this page, you will find out what many doctors are saying about the overuse of antibiotics and the reasons we should avoid them. You will also find out what natural antibiotics I use for my puppies and dogs!  

What’s Wrong with Antibiotics?

“Antibiotics disrupt the normal population of beneficial microbes in the gastrointestinal tract of all animals, these beneficial bacteria are the first fine of defense against most diseases, without them the animal is more susceptible to other infections. Antibiotics depress the immune system by decreasing the number of circulating white blood cells. This lowers the animal’s ability to fight infections. Some antibiotics, such as chloramphenicol, can cause irreversible damage to the bone marrow.

Many bacteria develop resistance to the effects of antibiotics. This resistance can be passed to other bacteria. The concern is that if humans are exposed to resistant bacteria from animals then the use of antibiotics may be Ineffective in treating any resulting disease. This is the major controversy regarding the use of antibiotics on a regular basis in food producing animals.”
Richard J. Holliday, DVM


If you already have a puppy, it was probably vaccinated and some of you are saying just one shot, no big deal, still, it is horrible. It is a huge deal! Yes, he seems fine, but down the road, you will have problems. You need to detox him, no ifs ands or buts.

He was no doubt raised on antibiotics too and some of us are so used to antibiotics that we never stop to think that antibiotics are a drug. I believe my own health issues are from being raised on antibiotics and that I passed that on to my son who did not have a single antibiotic and who is extremely disabled, cannot speak anymore, and his issues go on an on. I passed on some bad bacteria because the antibiotics killed the good bacteria.

The problem with the antibiotics is they destroy the gut health. In China they say that the gut is your second brain and indeed, even with the studies they are doing in the USA, they are drawing the same conclusions. I feel this is why almost every single one of you are getting your dog trained in 1-3 days. Some of you are a bit longer but not many. They are smarter because we haven’t destroyed to gut.

If gut health is destroyed and it can be even from taking an antibiotic one single time, the bad bacteria takes over and then all sorts of bad things start to grow. Viruses, parasites, fungus and of course too much bad bacteria. Some of the problems do not show up for many years. Then, some of you are vaccinating them over and over again.

When puppies are born, in addition to mamas milk, for 7 weeks, not just 2 or 3, they need something to help their gut, we use milk kefir, and then, they start getting natural antibiotics.

Please do some reading on my website, I posted some links to get you started.

Antibiotics and Resistant Bacteria

“After 40 years of pushing antibiotics for any ailment, physicians are now confronting bacteria that have built defenses against those same drugs. Some infectious bacteria that were once treatable are stronger and often deadly. The reappearance of highly infectious bacteria is caused in part by the overuse and misuse of antibiotics, but the resilience of bacteria also stems from the ingenious biochemistry of the microorganisms themselves. To survive, microorganisms and fungi mutate into resistant strains.”  
Morton Walker, D.P.M.

“Using natural medicines from nature to control bacteria, viruses, and fungi is a reasonable approach,” states Dr. Michael Traub, N.D. 
“Natural antibiotics are safer and less toxic than most synthetic analogs that have not been subjected to the kind of evolutionary scrutiny that the natural substances have had.”

“Drugs do not cure, popular opinion notwithstanding. Cure must come from within; or there is no cure.”
Dr. Tyler M.D

Allopathic Drugs 

“Treatment with allopathic drugs (antibiotics, steroids, hormones, etc.) should be avoided unless absolutely necessary. 
The need for drug treatment is actually quite unusual, and 
should be considered a last resort.

Antibiotics are often completely superfluous, such as in treating abscesses or viral infections. 
They should also not be used routinely to prevent infection, 
such as after most surgery or dental procedures. 
For most situations in which antibiotics are given, 
there are safe, effective alternatives.

Corticosteroids (cortisone-type anti-inflammatory drugs) are the most abused and dangerous class of drugs. 
Not only do they not cure the underlying cause of the problem, they usually make the underlying problem, 
that is, the real problem, worse.

The greatest harm of drug treatment is usually not so much the toxicity or side effects as it is the effects of suppression. Allopathic (conventional Western) medical thinking generally seeks immediate gratification: just make the symptom go away. So the patient may be better in the short term, but is usually worse in the longer term.”
Jeffrey Levy, DVM

 ~~~Officials from the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control have reported that the overuse of antibiotics in medicine has created an epidemic of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. 
Doctors fear that if antibiotic use is not curtailed, 
we may soon approach the day when untreatable infections are rampant.

So What do I Use?

I used to use different herbal tinctures in my natural antibiotic protocol, although I do still use garlic.  
Garlic is a very strong antibiotic, you never want to be without it!  
You can read more about garlic below!

I LOVE Colloidal Silver!  I love it so much that it has it’s own page!!

I use Ticaboo and Spice for Life Essential Oils for our puppies and dogs, as part of their natural antibiotic protocol.  Both are very very strong antibiotics, along with being antiviral, antifugal and antibacterial! 

They are also wormers! Wow! 
By using these 2 products, I have everything covered!
They are also protection against heartworm
I LOVE essential oils!
So easy and so much cheaper than everything else I was using too
AND they work so incredible well!

You usually use just 1/2 drop, so a bottle goes a long way.

They contain some of the herbs that I used to use individually.
Thyme is just one of the antibiotics and it is the strongest one there is!
Combined with the other oils it is an incredibly strong cocktail!
Both of these are available on my Products Page and in my home.

Garlic is the best antimicrobial substance that we know of and it is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, anti-protozoan and antiviral.

An average clove of garlic has 100,000 Units of Penicillin.

“Garlic helps to eliminate worms, strengthen digestion and beneficially stimulate the digestive tract.
Use it to promote intestinal health.”
Dr. Pitcairn, DVM

I use garlic for worming and to keep my puppies strong.  
I use it everyday.

It is available in my home or on my Products Page
 It comes in a tincture.
You can also use fresh garlic.
I like to have both on hand because a lot of days I do not want to take the time to cut up a garlic clove.  

I use all of these natural antibiotics everyday just as part of their healthy protocol.