My Tidbits

This is a page I decided to do because I get so many thoughts stuck in my head that I have to get out. This usually happens when I am trying to sleep!

This will be my miscellaneous page.  Here I can address people who have slammed me, or write about a recent vet experience!

There is also a lot of doggie information here!

A Buttercup!

A Buttercup!


This is the first thing on this page because it is the most important!  It’s about dog food.  I have a huge page on it, it is so important.

Many of my customers buy a puppy from me and do not bother ordering the dog food for their puppy.  I know this because the company emails me with the order, although they are the ones who send it out.

Puppies are babies and it is very important that they continue on with the same diet at least for one year. Larger breeds can probably handle changing their foods a little easier but these little puppies just cannot.

They will get loose stools or diarrhea and this can lead to dehydration if it goes on too long. They cannot get nutrition from the food if it is causing loose stools or diarrhea.

I am not a pushy breeder, there are some breeders who make you sign all sorts of agreements, but to me, when you buy a puppy from me it is your puppy. This is so important though, that I do put it in my guarantee.
I have a six year guarantee but it will be null and void if you do not use the dog food.

This is not about me making money from you for the dog food. I pay the dog food company $120.00  a year just for the privilege of offering you their dog food. I also pay them $10.00 a month to have their little website for you to order from. The amount they give me per bag is practically nothing.

Trust me, just ask my husband, I tried to find a healthy dog food in the stores.  My husband spent 3 hours, seriously, in Pet Smart with me while I read every bag and every can of dog food. I don’t care if it said natural or holistic on the label, they were junk!

Life’s Abundance is the best holistic dog food out there, it’s actually the 3rd holistic one we have tried.

We will never switch foods, although I do dream of formulating and marketing my own dog food.  We saw huge health benefits when we switched to this food!

Life’s Abundance is formulated by a holistic vet and not only has all the vitamins listed but they are actually in the food too.

The dog foods found in stores may have the vitamins listed on the bag but
it is not in the food anymore. The vitamins are destroyed through processing and still the company is allowed to print it on the bag.

A sweet sweet Buttercup!

A sweet sweet Buttercup!

Coming for just a Visit

I do not allow people to just visit.
Some of you want to spend time with the puppies to see if you like them.
Yes, you are going to like them.
They are pretty, fluffy, friendly and sweet.
They will all climb into your lap if you decide to sit on my floor.
They will all try to climb up your chest to give you kisses too.

Some of you want to do an allergy test, spend time with the puppies and see if you have a reaction.
Yes, you probably will have a reaction, I live on a farm.
Outside, there are all sorts of things you are probably allergic to,
hay, horses, chickens, need I go on?
Inside, my kids have 2 shedding dogs too.

Some of you just want to check me out.  Sorry, I don’t have time.
My youngest is severely autistic and needs constant attention and care.
Go to my About Us Page and you can see a little bit of my family.
We are a nice family.
You will see bits and pieces of my house too, it is a nice house.

Many people tell me I am a caring person,
this they tell me, they can tell from reading my website.
They also tell me it must have taken me many hours to build
my website and all the writing must have taken a lot of time.
You have no idea.
The writing alone took years and years of work.

You are more than welcome to come and visit to pick out a puppy though.
I am a nice, friendly woman and I will welcome you
into my home and offer you something to drink.
Thank you for understanding.



Water for your Puppy

If you want, and this is just an idea, what about bringing a container to put my well water into, just to use at home to help your puppy get used to your water. I have had a few people do this.

Some puppies can be fussy and maybe the new taste of a different water bothers them.  I like to make their transition as easy as possible.

Sleepy Baby Buttercup!

Sleepy Baby Buttercup!

Amount of Time Choosing a Puppy

I may sound bad here, but I have to limit the amount of time you can spend
choosing a puppy, to one hour. There have been quite a few who have spent over 2 hours choosing and recently, over 3 hours.

It just never occurred to me to limit the time.  I enjoy people and we are always chatting, but this just isn’t the best thing for the puppies.

I realize it may be difficult for some to choose a puppy, but it just isn’t good for the puppies to be playing for that long, not having access to their bed, etc…

It is not so much about my time, but how that time effects the litter.
Although, one time, my low blood sugar was really starting to kick in.

We have to remember that the puppies are babies.
Thank you for understanding.

People who don’t Like me (yep, they’re out there!)

Ugh, I hate addressing this on my website but I am afraid I have to.
There are little bits of information out there about me written by people who don’t like me.

I could change my phone number or get a disposable track phone and get a new number each time and that way, hide my past, but I refuse.  Anyone who runs a business or deals with the public in any way, encounters people trashing them.

The worst one is the one I refute below. This is found on a blog written by a woman who says her puppy had parvo when I sold it to her.  We say it did not, we had no sick puppies and even had the remaining puppies in that same litter checked by our vet.

This woman never showed me, or even the judge when she tried to sue me,
any proof from a vet that she ever even had  a sick puppy.

She also refused to give me her vet name and number.
You can read about that one below.

There are some who criticize me because I raise my puppies holistically but these people simply do not understand the holistic aspect and maybe feel threatened by me because I am different.

They are probably very closed minded people who follow along blindly and do anything that anyone tells them to do, never thinking for themselves.
I am happy to not be selling them a puppy.

My goodness, just look at the pictures of my puppies and you can see raising them holistically is the best way, they are healthy looking puppies!

They look healthy because they are healthy. They have gorgeous coats, clear shiny eyes, no tear staining and they are happy and friendly, all of them.

My pictures are not edited with software either.  No photo shopping for me. If you see a puppy online that has huge eyes that are black, chances are it has been photo shopped.  It’s not hard to do, I know, we dabbled around with it in the past when we didn’t have very pretty puppies.

No toxic whitening shampoo is used to make their coats look better.  What you see is what you get.  Those whitening shampoos actually have bleach in them.

Almost all of my customers are thrilled to find me because I do raise my puppies holistically, they know how important this is.
I LOVE meeting this type of person. I also love when people tell me they have learned something from my website and they apply it to their own family and pets. It’s nice to feel helpful!

There are many who raise their children in this manner but never thought to apply it to their pet’s and so they learn and raise their puppies holistically after they get them home.

I think some just feel threatened because I am doing something different
from what they have known, believe or understand! So they lash out at me.
I even read some posts where they were trashing me because I am trying to find health for my autistic son. I think that is sinking pretty low.

I even get emails from people ripping on me. That’s alright, the good ones far surpass the bad.

But you know what, I am going to continue on with what I know is right.
I know I am a good and honest woman. I raise my kids telling them that they are supposed to do everything to the best of their ability. I teach them to treat others how they want to be treated too. That is how I live my life.

I never trash anyone, although I could. I could tell you many stories about bad breeders and bad vets and use their names but I will not. I hear horror stories from many of my customers.

Okay, here is my side of that nasty blog below.

This happened a very long time ago, but still, people ask me about it.

Nasty Blog someone has about me

Many years ago a woman came to my home and bought one of my puppies.
She seemed very nice and we sat and talked for awhile. She told me her parents owned a restaurant in a busy area in Michigan and she even
shared some humorous stories with me and my family.
We hugged goodbye when she left.

A week or two went by when she called me saying her puppy had parvo.
I felt sick inside and right away told her we would give her her money back.
That would have been the right thing to do. This was something I just blurted out to her on the phone. She sounded upset. I was upset, I try to be fair.

My husband happened to be sitting right there and when I hung up I told him about it. That was when we realized we didn’t have any sick puppies.
We were puzzled by how she could have parvo, very puzzled.

After about 10 minutes I called her back and asked her for her vets name and number.  I thought maybe he could shed some light on this. Maybe there was something about parvo I didn’t understand.  She refused to give it to me.  Why not?

That is why I now have it in my puppy guarantee that I have to have a vet name and number within 2 days of buying a puppy from me.

The woman was also stumbling over her words when I called her back. No exaggeration here! Only 10 or 15 minutes had gone by! So strange!

I got off the phone and thought the conversation very odd. She mumbled something about having to take a shower. It was weird. Her personality was completely different from the conversation I had just had with her.

I have never encountered anyone like this before. This was a grown woman who worked at a hospital. (Notice I am leaving her name out of this story and any guessing on my part as to why she was behaving this way after only 10 minutes had gone by.)

I had 2 puppies left from the litter she bought from, so we took them to the vet for a parvo test. They tested negative for parvo. I would never sell a sick puppy.

I have to tell you that our vet is one of the best. People travel far to see him and he is so busy he is not even accepting new patients.  My son bought a dog and he is hoping he can somehow get in because we have the same last name!

So the vet does a parvo snap test.  They go right up their little rectums to get a sample…it was negative.

We told him what happened with this woman because we were puzzled.
At that time in my life, I was still learning a lot about viruses…. I was always picking this vets brain trying to learn.

He said not to give her her money back because we didn’t have parvo. Plus, why wouldn’t she give me her vet name and number? It was so so weird.
Our vet suggested that she was trying to scam us.

By the way, there were 2 in the litter that I had already sold and none of them had parvo. Even after the 2 remaining puppies were sold, they never contracted parvo. That is because we didn’t have parvo.  None of the 5 puppies had parvo in the litter, including the woman who said hers did.  If one puppy has parvo, they all have it.  Look it up.

If her puppy really did have parvo and she gave me her vet name and number so I could talk to him, and if we had parvo, we would have given her her money back. We didn’t think her puppy had parvo, neither did our vet.

I let her know she would not be getting her money back. My husband and I went back and forth about this and really tried to do the right thing,  but you can’t let people scam you.

Soon I got my court summons.

In court she had a huge stack of papers, I don’t know what they were,
I think she was just trying to impress the judge.

I mean the stack was so large, it was comical. The judge only ended up with a few of these papers. What wasn’t there though, was anything from a vet saying her puppy had parvo. There wasn’t even anything there from a vet at all! I kid you not!

The judge asked her where her paperwork from her vet was and she was vague. She mumbled something, it was hard to hear her.
The judge dismissed the case.

How terrible of her to waste tax payers money, for nothing!
How could she think the judge was going to rule in her favor when she didn’t even have anything from her vet saying her puppy had parvo or saying her puppy had anything for that matter?

Maybe she just wanted to waste my day and cause me some stress.
Maybe she was trying to scam me. That’s what our vet said as he shared some personal stories with us about people and scamming.

She did a good job of being pathetic, she even brought her very very old,
stooped mother with her who had to walk slowly with a cane.

So this woman has a blog about me. As of right now, I cannot sue her because it is a blog and not a website.  I guess she knew that ahead of time.

When the laws change and they will eventually, I will sue her.
The basic information she has in her blog about me isn’t even true, she really messed it up, although she did get her point across.

She say’s something like I have many homes, which I don’t. I am like most people and I have just one. Not even a cottage. Just one house.
She couldn’t even manage to get the breeds that I breed correct.

I have been breeding for over 25 years and have met all kinds of people, 
luckily most are very nice but this woman is not like anyone we have ever encountered.

What’s sad to me, is I could slam her parents restaurant. Yes, I know the name of it and the city it is in. I am not like that though.

I really feel sorry for this woman. She probably accomplished what she set out to do though, I am sure she has scared some potential customers away.
Plus she has made me waste my time to defend myself.

Making Sure We Have the Same Date for a Puppy Going Home

Please do not assume your puppy is going home on a certain day unless you check with me first.  I have had a few people take a day off work without making sure ahead of time with me that their puppy could go home that day. I felt really bad about it too when it has happened, but it was not my fault.  

When I post a litter, I always put the birth date and the date that they will be 8 weeks old and may be able to go home.  May, being the key word here.

That date is not the date that I am certain to be letting them go to their new home on, it is just a tentative date.

I simply will not let a puppy go if I do not feel he is ready and how can I know when a puppy will be ready weeks in advance.

I know there are breeders out there who do pinpoint a date that early but
I want to make sure your puppy is truly ready.

Pancy 039

Discoloration on a Puppy’s Face

When you see brown/pink on a puppies face, paws or chest, it is from them diving into their food when they are eating. It is soft food so it can cause food stains.

Sometimes they get the discoloration on their backs, this happens when litter mates play with each other with food on their faces.

It will fade or will be trimmed out eventually. It will also stop happening when they are eating hard food! Kind of funny that we do not get tear staining but get this!

Flowers Girls 002 - Copy

Public Places & The Immune System

Please please please, keep your puppies out of pets stores and
other public places until the puppy is at least 4 months old.  Their immune system is still immature and they could pick something up.

They are at an even greater risk for 2 weeks after they are immunized.  Of course, by getting one for me, they are not immunized.
See my Immunizations Page for more information about this.


Bringing a Vet to My Home

Please do not bring a vet with you to my home when you are getting a puppy from me.

I do not want to risk them bringing diseases into my home or onto my property. I will turn you away if you do so.

Sorry, I just cannot risk it.  Yes, I have had this happen.

Puppy Pick Up

Make sure you contact me the day before you come out, either through email, easier for me, or a phone call. I recently had a customer come a day early, her fault or mine, I don’t know, I never bothered to check my emails to see. It had been a few days since we had any contact and the mistake was made.  

Luckily my husband was home, I was not.
I was close to home so I came home, no big deal, it worked out okay.



Changing the Diet

Please do not cook for your puppy, yes, one of you did that.  When I say they like carrots or peas, I mean when they are older.

Yes, we start them off on a homemade food but the veggies we put in it are a tiny amount and they are just nibbling at it at first so they are not eating a whole lot.

I had one person who made beef stew for her puppy and the poor puppy had loose stools from it.

They just cannot handle any changes at all until they are older.

Buttercups 066

Black Points on a Puppy

Puppies are pretty much born with pink noses and sometimes with pink around their eyes too! 
The black rims around their eyes and their black noses are called points
and eventually it fills in.
It really makes them look cute and we really enjoy watching it fill in! 
Many breeds are supposed to have a black rim around their eyes and they are known for it.
Maltese is one of those breeds.



I LOVE Dogs!

I have to tell you that it is very hard to write about my puppies because 
I feel like I am saying the same thing about each puppy! 
But it is true, they are ALL very sweet and loving!

People often ask me which breed is my favorite. 
I guess it depends on who I am holding or playing with! 
They are so loving and sweet!

I love that all they want to do is love you! 
To me it is amazing that we get to have something like that in our lives!
How can one small animal fill our hearts with so much love?

I have to add here, that my children and husband have the same sentiments! They hate to see a puppy go too, but it is so nice to make people happy!

Even though it is a lot of hard work to raise a litter, 
we all find it extremely rewarding and enjoy it immensely.

Buttercup, sorry, she is sold.

Call if you Cannot Come

I cannot believe very much grown up adult people, some even in their 60’s and 70’s,  set up a time to come and see a puppy and do not show up!!  No phone call either!

Maybe I am naive, but this is just shocking to me!!
I even had a doctor who was coming to pick up her puppy, and she did this!
Wow, that really was a shocker!

I sometimes shuffle around my schedule to accommodate these people.
I make sure I vacuum, dust, the kitchen is clean, food is made ahead of time for my autistic child, we eat around whoever is coming, this means we have to cook ahead of time for us too since we do not eat processed food.
We set up the table with products, we bathe the puppy or puppies and blow dry them.  This can take hours. I get a folder ready and just make sure everything looks nice.

Let’s face it, I am having strangers into my home,  I wouldn’t feel comfortable if I had a basket of  laundry in my living room!

My kids help me do all of this work.
Please call if you cannot make it!

Shopping for a Puppy & Tracking Viruses

I cannot allow anyone to come to my home who has been shopping
for a puppy or dog at rescues or at pet stores.

Viruses and other bad guys, can be tracked from one place to another
and I just cannot put my puppies at risk.

So please be fair to me and my puppies and do not come to my house after.

If you are one of those people who have to visit a few breeders before you make your decision, please come to my house before visiting theirs.