Maltipoos (litter #1)

I love Maltipoo puppies!
People get them trained almost immediately!
They are amazing with kids!
They are gorgeous, sweet, playful and snuggly!

I love that the Poodles like to go on walks, while the Maltese and the Buttercup are completely lazy! You may have had a different experience but I am talking about a non vaccinated dog, they are just calm and relaxed. They are different and they are amazing! Once you get a non vaccinated dog from me, you will never get one that has been vaccinated. Most of my puppy sales ate through word of mouth or repeat customers.

I love that the Poodle is loving to the extreme! They actually give you kisses, not the neurotic licking that you get from a vaccinated dog. They really are special and I am completely in love with them!

I also love that the poodle is in the number 2 spot for being the most intelligent, this is why they were the breed always used in circus acts. They are sooooo smart.

Maltipoos are non shedding and hypoallergenic, perfect for anyone with allergies.  I remember when every pediatrician was recommending them for families because they were not only safe for the allergy sufferer but really good with kids too!  They are too!  I have never heard one growl at any of my kids when they were younger or at any of my grand kids.

You will have one trained before you know it!  Many tell me they get one of my puppies home and they are already trained and I hadn’t even done anything!  You just show them where you expect them to go potty and they do it!  Some do tell me it takes 3 days or even up to a week.  Still, though, no complaints!

You can see how small Dally is, by comparing him to my daughters hand. He’s so sweet!

The holistic veterinarians claim that by skipping the vaccinations and feeding a meat based food, they can live 17-25 years.  I am talking healthy years.  I have incredibly healthy parents because I follow this and then of course, the wonderful health get’s passed along to their offspring.  Dogs are descendants of the wolf and they were meat eaters, this is why we like the meat based food.

Photos are not photoshopped but are cropped so you get a better look.  I do not use any shampoo with bleach in it either.

Puppies come with a six year health guarantee and are very healthy!  They are raised holistically and trust me, it makes a huge difference!

Let me know if you have any questions.
Feel free to call me, I am usually at home!

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