I have  a female left and have dropped her price down to $1000.

Sophie, below, is a very very sweet, calm little baby and she should weigh 7 lbs.


My puppies come with a six year health guarantee, lifetime support and I raise them holistically.  This means they can live 17-25 years, and I mean healthy years!

Puppies raised this way are sooooo mellow and calm!  Pretty much every single person who sits at my house and holds a puppy, cannot get over the fact that they are so calm!

This mix is wonderful with kids, even with rambunctious toddlers!


These puppies are VERY very smart!  One week to get one trained is too long!  It will be a matter of days!  Don’t forget I offer you lifetime support, you can call me if you need help!


These puppies are small, just like a purebreed Maltese but cost lot’s less!