Maltese Info

Please make sure you read this page, there is some good information about the Maltese breed on it and what is going on in the Maltese World.

Yogi and Toby 108

This is one of my Maltese puppies. I have made the picture nice and big so you could get a good look at his eyes. Notice how clean they are? There is no tear staining. This is a healthy puppy, inside and out!

There are many Maltese out there that are not very pretty.
They look nothing like what a Maltese is supposed to look like and what’s even worse, is most people don’t even know what they are supposed to look like anymore! These are AKC puppies I am talking about. How did this happen? Keep reading.

What does it mean to you and your puppy if it is AKC?  Does it ensure a healthier puppy?  No it does not.
It is simply a piece of paper that the breeder bought from AKC.
Sometimes the breeder has lied to get this piece of paper.

Tear Staining

I get asked a lot why my puppies do not get tear staining, especially by other breeders.  Basically it has to do with the health of the parents and then, of course the health of the puppy.  Of course there is much more to it than that.  I will be sharing this information with you when you buy a puppy from me.

Make sure you read my Tear Staining Page.  

Maltese are a non shedding and hypoallergenic breed, perfect for those with allergies. 

They are called “people dogs” because they love to be around people. They are great with kids! 

The Maltese is one of the sweetest breeds I have ever encountered! Oh okay, the Buttercups too! 

They love to sit in your lap and give kisses. They are laid back and very contented.

Maltese Face

Years ago I called a Maltese breeder and asked how much the parents weighed, and this woman got very snippy and said, “they are long and tall like they are supposed to be!”  What!

I told her I had been breeding for many years and they weren’t supposed to be long and tall.  At that point she asked for my name and phone number.  It was actually pretty funny.  I declined to give it to her.

I imagine there are many more breeders out there with long and tall Maltese!  I know I’ve seen many pictures of Maltese that look like this. 

These puppies were AKC puppies. This breeder is out there selling AKC puppies to people who think they are getting a high quality Maltese just because it is AKC.  

Maltese are not supposed to have a curl in their coat either. This is from a Bichon or Poodle being mixed in.

Maltese are supposed to weigh 4-7 lbs full grown.  I can’t tell you how many people tell me theirs was as big as 17 lbs and one woman said hers weighed 21 lbs!  These are not pure breed Maltese people!  Oh my gosh!  I know you loved your little baby but it was not a pure breed!

Below was taken from an ad, quite recently.  I copied and pasted it so it is exactly as written.

“white non shed hypoallergenic pure CKC Maltese DUE MAY 22.
Both parents are CKC registered Maltese mommy is 13lbs daddy is 14lbs puppies will vary 10 to 14lbs.”

I see ads like this all the time!  These parents cannot be pure breed Maltese, although the breeder probably has the paperwork to say otherwise.

One time I called a Maltese breeder and asked him if the dew claws were done on the puppies. 

He said, “ma’am, these are dogs, not cats!” 

In case you don’t know, dew claws are the extra claw they have on their paw. 

This man was pretty clueless and knew nothing about dogs! These were AKC puppies and he was an AKC breeder!

I used to get the dew claws removed but finally figured out it was inhumane.  
You have to take the puppies to the vet when they are 2 days old, no older, and they just pull out their nail (it doesn’t hurt you know), oh, okay. 

The reason this is done is because people forget to clip them
and they can grow in a circle and grow right through their paw.
Let’s just remember to clip them!

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard a horror story about a puppy that was registered with AKC.  Their AKC registration meant nothing to them when their puppy died. 

I do not mean that every breeder is bad who uses AKC, 
but usually it is just a piece of paper. AKC or CKC are necessary if you want to show your dog. Otherwise, it is just a piece of paper.

I once had an AKC Maltese that I purchased from a woman with the promise that the AKC papers were in the mail.  While waiting and trying to get the papers with many promises that they were coming, this mama had a litter of puppies.  Now, I really needed the papers.

One day, one of my other Maltese females got hit by a car and was killed. 
Why do people have to go 90 on a dirt road? 

Anyhow, I had 2 AKC breeders that I knew, tell me to use the AKC papers from the dog who died and pretend the new mama who didn’t have her papers yet, was her. That way I could sell these puppies with AKC papers. 

I didn’t do it of course.  How easy to lie though and who would ever know. 

This is why we have Maltese with curly coats, etc… AKC will send you papers no matter which 2 dogs mated.  They rely on the honor system and I’m afraid many people are not honorable.  Having AKC papers does not mean a dog is pure bred.  

As an AKC breeder, you fill out a form to get your papers for your customers.  On this form, you are asked if you witnessed this mating. 
How easy for someone to lie here.  Oops the poodle accidentally got my Maltese, that’s okay, who will ever know?

I no longer use AKC.  I have parents who are still registered with AKC, but at last inspection, they claimed I had to keep track of even my mixes (Maltipoos) for the lifetime of the dog.  Excuse me!  I think that has nothing to do with my other breeds and is none of their business.  

My adults all passed their DNA testing by the way.

AKC is quite expensive and there are many other registries to choose from, about 30 last time I looked.  
I chose another. 

My Maltese are gorgeous and very healthy with beautiful clean faces. That’s all that really matters! 

Maltese 002

My puppies are raised holistically and they are very healthy!!
Their coats are very white and very silky too!

I offer you lifetime support!!
I care about my puppies and am always available to answer any questions you may have, even years later!
Actually, I do love it when people contact me from
the past who have bought from me.
I love hearing their stories about how healthy their dog is and how it is the best dog they ever owned!