Worms, yuck!

Let me just clear up a couple things that cause confusion for some. Getting a dog vaccinated is not the same thing as deworming a puppy, they are two entirely different things done to a puppy and they do two entirely different things. Worms and parasites however, do mean the same thing.

Most puppies are born with worms.  Every mammal has worms, it is just part of life.  You will have to continue to deworm your puppy when you get him home, this is part of being a dog owner. It doesn’t matter who you buy from, a good breeder, a bad breeder, an expensive breeder, a cheap breeder, even if you were to buy from a veterinarian who breeds, you will still need to continue to deworm your puppy and then your dog, when he grows up.

If you buy from a breeder who you got a good deal from, he/she may not mention the deworming aspect of owning a puppy, they probably do not care what happens to your puppy once they get their money.

You could buy from a breeder who follows what the mainstream vet says, that breeder will tell you when your puppy was last dewormed and you will be expected to take your puppy to the vet so he can deworm him. I also will tell you when your puppy was last dewormed, you will either have to take him to the vet to be dewormed or deworm him yourself.  This is not something that can be ignored.

I have had customers be unhappy about having to deal with deworming but this is the way it is.  Can you honestly think your puppy will involve no work?

Keep reading, it is easy to take care of worms.

Chemical Dewormers

Almost every breeder uses the chemical dewormers found at Walmart, etc… or that their vet uses.

We have found that the natural products alone do not do the job well enough and that the chemical dewormers alone do not do the job well enough either.

We have found that the best way to worm a puppy is with the natural products, used everyday and the chemical products used occasionally too.

Young puppies should continue to be dewormed until 6 months of age.  You will get a deworming schedule from me when you buy your puppy. If you choose to use just the natural products, you will need to take a stool sample in to your vet and have it checked for parasites.

I worm my puppies, starting at age 2 weeks and continue to deworm them until they go to their new homes.  

One of the things I use is an essential oil.  Essential oils which are just herbs that are basically condensed into a very strong medicinal oil.  This is much more powerful than just using an herb, which I used to use.  

I only use the highest grade essential oil.  This is something I have carefully researched and have been very surprised at the results by switching to a high quality oil.  The oil I like for deworming is by Be Young, not to be confused with Young Living.  

I am amazed at how well a high quality oil works!  The source of an essential oil and the purity, really makes a difference.  I had no idea they worked like they do and I wish I had known this years ago!

I deworm my dogs, once full grown, 1 time a month, along with the rest of our furry friends!  

Below are some of the things I use that help.  I like to use a combination of things. 

The thing I rely on the most for my deworming program is an essential oil called Ticaboo.

This has wormwood, coriander, fennel, clove, anise, oregano, and peppermint in it.  Wormwood and cloves you will find in every natural worming preparation.  I love that this has peppermint in it, they need something soothing when they are being dewormed.

I like the essential oil Ticaboo because it is strong enough to do the job!

I have never had anything work like this!!
A little bit goes a long way too!  

I use garlic (organic), it is a wonderful thing for a puppy/dog.
I LOVE using this!
Garlic is also a good natural antibiotic, antifungal and antibacterial.
I use it raw or as an oil.   

Garlic and onion are not the same thing although they are related.  Dogs do wonderfully well with garlic, while onion, as I’m sure you all know, is on the naughty list.

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth:
I use this everyday as a preventative, although it can also be used for deworming.  I oftentimes will up the amount I put in their food when I want to deworm them.  

Natural Wonders Bentonite Clay is also another thing that can be given rectally or orally, and is a wonderful dewormer.  It is said that parasites cannot reside in a body that has this in it.

Colloidal Silver is another thing I would never be without.  It is also an antibiotic.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Coconut Oil also are dewormers.

Carrots, (organic and grated);
I add it to the puppies food.
This is a roughage that will help pull the worms out.
It’s nice too because it’s so high in vitamins and minerals.
It is good for the puppy’s eyes, bones, teeth and liver.
It is loaded with vitamins and minerals!

Parsley (fresh and organic, easily found all year long);
Get some water boiling and then turn down the heat until you have it simmering.  
Simmer it for about 30 minutes and then let it cool naturally.  
Put some in your puppies/dogs drinking water everyday.   I use 1/2 cup everyday for a week.  
It is great for the kidneys too.

Pumpkins seeds, also called Pepitas, are raw and look nothing like the store bought pumpkin seeds we used to eat as kids.  
Grind them up and put them in their food.
Use about 1/2 teaspoon a day.