This is Libby!!

***All puppies have a very much reduced price, I am going out of state and would like them gone.

Call me and ask me what else I have because there are some I just didn’t post yet.

No texting please, this is a landline.

These babies should weigh 9-15 lbs full grown!

This will be a follow you around and sit on your lap kind of dog.  If you have kids, you will be amazed at how good they are with them.  They are the most loving breeds, the Poodle and the Coton de Tulear.  They are amazing!

Puppies come with a six year health guarantee and are very healthy!  They are raised holistically and trust me, it makes a huge difference!

Libby! She’s really sweet and would be the kind of dog to follow you everywhere!

***Coton de Tulears and Poodles are hypoallergenic and non shedding!

People get them trained in 3-7 days, I kid you not!  In that time frame they also get them to ring a bell to tell their owners they need to go outside.

All puppies are registered and come with a 6 year health guarantee.  Also, they have been raised holistically, hopefully you have been doing some reading on my website.  Feel free to call me and ask me questions!  When you buy a puppy from me, you get lifetime support!

***Dakota, shown below, is on hold, until Monday the 7th of August.

Dakota has a wonderfully fun personality! He is very much a people person!!!! He has that “funny” boy personality, he really makes you laugh with his antics! PLUS, he is a snuggler!



Let me know if you have any questions!!

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