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Chewing and the Importance of Good Toys!

Silly title but I was at a loss as to what to call this page. 
This is an important page because chewing is 
such a big part of a puppy’s life and a dogs life too!
Having the proper toys for them are so important!
Some toys are just not safe!

Puppies chew because they are teething, just like a baby does!  When they chew, it helps their teeth break through the gums. It feels good to them when they chew, it is very soothing to their gums.
When dogs chew, it helps them to have healthy teeth and healthy gums
and it is even good for their jaw muscles.

The right type of toy is important, some are made of thin plastic or rubber and can be easily destroyed while others are made of thick plastic or rubber and are very nearly indestructible!
Some are actually meant for puppies and some are meant for big dogs only.

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Most puppy or dog toys squeak and they love this!
Me, not so much!  We have one toy around the house that drives me crazy, it is so loud!  Don’t worry, I don’t stock that one anymore!

All toys that I sell have been put through a rigorous test to make sure that they are not only safe but that your puppy or dog will love them!!

They love the hard rope braids, those don’t squeak and are strictly a chew toy, although they will fetch them if you throw one!  Every single dog or puppy loves these!  I have a squeaky blanket that they love too!
Just the head squeaks!

These can be ordered or purchased in my home 
when you pick up our puppy.

Plastic or Rubber Toys
Plastic or rubber toys that are too thin, can be shredded by a puppy and can pose a choking hazard.  Yes, we have seen it happen, scary!
The thin toys are meant for play only and are best suited for a dog who is past his chewing stage.  Many and even most plastic or rubber toys are too thin for puppies.  

The thicker plastic or rubber toys are usually the nylint type bones or the kongs.  The kongs have the opening in one end and you can put food in it to keep your dog entertained while you are gone.

I hate kongs!  Sure, it is entertaining for us to watch our 
dog or puppy try to get the food out of the toy but it really is full of germs and not good for them at all.  I really cannot believe these are even still on the market. They even sell “spray” food to put inside of it.  Nasty!

This is not good for your dog or puppy!
If someone gives their dog a kong full of peanut butter for instance,

before going to work and comes home 9 hours later, yuck!!  
The peanut butter, which also is very bad for a dog as it is full of aflatoxins,
is now full of germs as it has been in this plastic all day with dog saliva on it!

Are you cleaning the kong and sanitizing it really good?
Even if you washed it in hot soapy water, 
I don’t think you would be able to completely discinfect it properly.
Let’s just not use them!!

I have a problem with the nylint bones too!
Most of them are treated with something to make them smell appealing to the dog or puppy.  You can get beef or chicken, like they wouldn’t chew on it if it was flavorless.  They use chemicals to get the beef or chicken flavor, chemicals, not good!  

Get the plain kind or skip it!
You can get the nylint bones from me in my dental kit, not flavored of course.

Stuffed Animals!
I love the stuffed toys for puppies and dogs!
They are soft, almost all of them squeak and they love them! 

They are very safe for puppies, and while I have seen my daughter’s Boxer rip a hole in one, it is still safe and does not really pose a choking hazard, as they will not chew on the stuffing like they would a plastic or rubber piece from a chewed up plastic or rubber toy.

I have never seen a small breed dog or a puppy rip open a stuffed animal.

Stuffed animals come in all shapes, sizes and colors.  They come as balls and they come as bones too!
You can find one in every animal shape you like!
I also sell these, there are a few on my website with many more to choose from when you pick up your puppy.

Raw Hides

Please watch the video about this.

How Rawhide is Made

The most dangerous pet chew ever created: Rawhide!Full writeup on rawhide:

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