Buttercup Puppies


If you want a dog who will follow you around and sit on your lap, then this is the breed for you! If you have kids, you will be amazed at how good they are with them.  They are the most loving breed and are amazing!

Buttercups are my best repeat seller, I have many buy 2 and 3 from me!

I have sold 2 and 3 to many families!
Everyone loves them!
They are a favorite around here!

Puppies come with a six year health guarantee and are very healthy!  They are raised holistically and trust me, it makes a huge difference!

♥♥♥Buttercups are hypoallergenic and non shedding!

I sold to a woman one time who was in her early 70’s who had never been able to have a dog because of allergies.  It was really sad, she talked about how it hurt her as a child and how she always had such a longing for one. Who doesn’t have a longing to have a dog.

She got a Buttercup from me and had NO problems!  This woman called me crying, she was so happy!  She then got a second one from me! I love stories like this!

They are absolutely amazing with kids!  I have never heard one growl.  I love that they are not possessive of just one person in the house.  This is really important if you have kids.

They are NOT yippy!!  I LOVE this about them!!!

People get them trained in 3-7 days, I kid you not!  In that time frame they also get them to ring a bell to tell their owners they need to go outside.

True, I do refer to them as “Lazy Little Lap Dogs” but still, even if they are laying on the couch and you ask if they want to go on a walk, they are all for it!  They love to play and are a perfect blend of everything you would want in a dog.  Except they are way too friendly to make a good watch dog.

All puppies are registered and come with a 6 year health guarantee.  Also, they have been raised holistically, hopefully you have been doing some reading on my website.  Feel free to call me and ask me questions!  When you buy a puppy from me, you get lifetime support!

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