How I Got Started Being Holistic

Buttercup, adopted, sorry.

I have been breeding for over 25 years and it has been quite a journey.  Let me share with you why I became holistic with my animals.

Even though I was raising my 7 children a little bit away from the norm, meaning I never ran them or myself to the dr at the first sign of illness and I never vaccinated them, we always relied on herbs or waited it out and whatever was wrong, always went away. (I had heard vaccines could cause problems for some children and when I met a woman whose husband was a chiropractor and had a customer whose baby died immediately after being immunized, that was enough for me.) I only had one child at the time but I never forgot that, it was quite shocking to me.

I know some of you are probably thinking I have an autistic and seizing child and that is why I stopped vaccinating, but he was never vaccinated.  Please make sure you read my Immunizations Page, as it does pertain to your puppy.


I may not have been immunizing my children but I was certainly immunizing my puppies. I thought I had to, to sell them. I also thought I had to, to keep them healthy. After many years of raising puppies like this, always having to run to the vet for help, I finally told my husband that I could do better.  I know many of you struggle with this, I am on some breeder forums and I read about your struggles. I know it is a nightmare for many of you.

Many vets want to automatically put litters on 2 different antibiotics, one in the morning and one at night. The reality is, this just makes them sicker and many of you have sick puppies. On top of the vaccinations, antibiotics, flea products and heart wormers, junky dog food, ugh… this equals sick puppies!

I know this not only because I read about it on the forums, but because you call me, looking for answers. You want to know what I do, what I use and how much. A lot of this information can be found on my website but a lot of it cannot.

The dog breeders love to call me too.  Some pretend they are interested in a puppy when really they just wanted to pick my brain.  I don’t have time to mentor anyone, I have been asked to do that too.  I have to put my family first, sorry.

I am a busy woman, I will only share with you a little bit here but there are other private things at play here too. I have 7 kids, 2 are married 5 still live at home. My youngest is severely autistic and needs constant care.

I cook all our food from scratch, I usually raise it too, like chickens and turkeys. You will not even find a bouillon cube in my kitchen. I spend most of my time in the kitchen. I actually have to get cream from a farmer, turn it into butter and then turn that into ghee! Busy busy! We put in a huge garden too. We have many farm animals plus the dogs and puppies.

I have to take time out to talk to customers, have customers come to my home, etc…. My son who is sick, is 19, but wears a pull-up, we have to take him to the bathroom and we have to change him, bathe him, feed him, hold his glass of water that he drinks out of with a straw, etc…

I love people, I love breeding dogs, I love having a website, I love helping people but I have spent many many hours researching and then trying things on my animals. A lot of my time! I have spent years accumulating this information. I cannot continue to give this information out for free. I have been told by many to write a book and so I started, I am still on page one! I don’t have the time.  Like my husband likes to say, “you can only do what you can do!” So true! He has to tell me this a lot.

I have invested time and money to learn. I am more than happy to share what I have learned but I should be compensated for my time. That is only fair.

Puppy people (you) I have to mention too, because I get tons of calls and emails from you too. I spend the time with you on the phone, or we converse through emails before you buy a puppy, sometimes I have spent many hours between the phone calls and the emails, then you end up not buying a puppy from me, the reason being price or distance. This I know because you tell me when you contact me for help later.

You contact me when you get your puppy home that you have bought from another breeder and it is sick or it gets sick pretty soon after. Most of the time when I have responded to an email, after spending about 20 minutes reading it and answering it, I never even get a response back, it is very rare, no kidding. Not even a thank you.

I am more than happy to help, it truly is in my heart but my time is very valuable to me. I want to spend my spare time helping my son get better. Every minute counts for me. Gosh, when he first got sick, I even ditched many friends because I just didn’t want to take the time for them, I just didn’t have the time.

~~~ If you have bought a puppy from me then you can call me anytime you want.  I am serious when I say you get lifetime support.

If you do have a sick puppy or dog, you could schedule a consult, it is a very reasonable price.  You could also schedule one ahead of time, before bringing home a puppy.