Boy or Girl?

This page is to hopefully help you decide which sex is best for you.



When I sell a puppy to someone who has only had a male dog and they want to switch to a female, I always try to talk them out of it because
I feel like they would be disappointed.

If they are switching breeds, I always think they will blame it on the breed when it is really the sex.

If they have had or have a female and they want a male then I am all set (and happy).

I grew up with 4 different dogs and they were all females. Of course I had to get a male for breeding. 

I really didn’t know what to expect. fell in love with him. “Sir Lancelot the Great!”

I never had been around a dog with so much personality. He was funny!
All of us at my house fell in love with him!

When we started having litters, the kids were always making me come and see what a puppy was doing. It was always something funny! It was always a male puppy too!  The males are always our favorite in a litter.

As I’m writing this I am thinking of the puppies I still remember and they were all males. Roly, 2 different Fangs, Bubble Gum, Bunny Rabbit Guy, Yehti, Spunky, Pancake, Buster, King Kong, Murphy, Link (I called him Lincoln Log though!).

My sister bought a male Buttercup and named him Billy and I am so lucky to see him. He is hilarious. He brings you his soft bed when you come over, (like it’s a ball) and you have to throw it for him and he brings it back! 

susans pups August 5 041

When a female gets tired of you, she will get down from your lap. 
Whereas a male will stay on your lap and let you pet him as long as you want.

The female likes to be in control. The female is much less friendly or affectionate than the male dog. 

Both the male and the female mark their territory. The female will continue to do so even after she gets spayed while the male will stop marking his territory after he gets neutered because his hormones will level out.

It’s usually the female who is the alpha (dominate one) in a pack (of wolves) and in a litter of puppies too. Dogs are pack animals and come from the wolf.  Wolves were the first dog.

Females tend to be moody. (My husband will say I get moody sometimes too, although I am sure he is wrong.)  Women have cycles, female dogs have cycles. 

When a woman has a hysterectomy she can suffer from migraines, moodiness and weight gain. This is what she experiences forever.
What happens to the female dog after she gets spayed?

This should be enough to help you realize that the males make better pets,
but keep reading and see what else is good about the males.

Male dogs want attention more often than a female dog. 
Maybe that is what makes him more affectionate. 

A female tends to get more reserved as she ages while a male tends to stay puppy-like.
Males are more interested in food (like my husband) than the females and so the training is much easier since we usually use food as a motivator.

Males are much more interested in what their “humans” are doing and are much more eager to please you than a female.

Females are the ones I have seen run away from home, while on the other hand, I have never seen a male do this and mine are not fixed.

Males do not tend to be bigger either.

These are just observations that I and others have had and I just wanted to share them with you.

One more thing, males do not care what you dress them in, what color their beds are or if they have a bow in their hair!