Maltese Puppies

Below is my only Maltese, a boy and he should weigh 6-7 lbs full grown.
He is truly the sweetest puppy, he is snuggly and loves necks.  Lol!
I just dropped his price, 2-10-18.

Anything I breed has to meet a certain criteria.  They have to be good with kids, I have 7 and I also have 7 grandkids.  They cannot be yippy, I get migraines, so no thank you.  We have allergies, who doesn’t, so they have to be non shedding and hypoallergenic.  They are all very intelligent and get housebroken, very very quickly.

All my puppies are being raised holistically, so they are very healthy. It is said that by skipping the vaccinations and feeding a meat based food, they can live 17-25 years. They started vaccinating in the 50’s and that’s when the life expectancy of dogs got cut in half.  Do some reading on my website and learn.

By not vaccinating, they are not yippy, they are smart and easy to train, they are not aggressive, they are calm, they LOVE everyone and tear staining is rare. I will share all my tear staining info with you when you buy a puppy from me.

I do not photoshop my pictures and I do nothing to cover up the tear staining. Tear staining is a exactly what you think it is, staining from the tears. It can be mild or it can be excessive. Some dogs have a very brown or rust colored face from it.   Make sure you do some reading on my Maltese Info Page.

If you decide to get a puppy from me and choose not to follow the holistic path, I am very non judgmental.  I am very open to any questions you may have about it, even if you want to challenge me.  Lol.

You will get lifetime support and help from me, if you need it. I have had this same phone number since I moved into this house 8 years ago. I say this because some breeders get those cheap, $5.00 phones and use a different one for each litter, tossing it after they sell them. That way you can’t contact them with complaints and they know for certain that you won’t be buying a second puppy from them.  You can read more on my Scams Page.

Check back in the spring for a female Maltese!

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