Aussiedoodles (daughters)

Why should you get an Aussiedoodle?  Because they are awesome!  They are gorgeous, smart, fun fun fun and easy to train!

I have 1 left and she is lowered down to $600!

The holistic veterinarians claim that by skipping the vaccinations and feeding a meat based food, they can live 17-25 years.  I am talking healthy years. We have incredibly healthy parents because we follow this and then of course, the wonderful health get’s passed along to their offspring.  Dogs are descendants of the wolf and they are meat eaters, this is why we like the meat based food.


By not vaccinating, they are not yippy, they are smart and easy to train, they are not aggressive, they are calm, they LOVE everyone and tear staining is rare. I will share all my tear staining info with you when you buy a puppy from me.


These are my daughter Emily’s but she still lives at home and she raises them just like her mama does!  I’m taking care of phone calls and emails for her.


My daughter Emily, owns both the mama (Bean) and the dad (Link) and they are wonderful! Mama is an apricot Standard Poodle and the dad is a blue eyed blue merle Australian Shepherd.  Everyone LOVES them!!  You will meet them when you come over.  Everyone can’t believe how calm they are!


Photos are not photoshopped but are cropped so you get a better look.

Make sure you do some reading on my website.  If you decide to get a puppy from me and choose not to follow the holistic path, I am very non judgmental.  I am very open to any questions you may have about it, even if you want to challenge me.  Lol.

You will get lifetime support and help from me, if you need it. I have had this same number since I moved into this house  8 years ago. I say this because some breeders get those cheap, $5.00 phones and use a different one for each litter, tossing it after they sell them. That way you can’t contact them with complaints and they know for certain that you won’t be buying a second puppy from them.  You can read more on my Scams Page.

You will have one trained before you know it!  Many tell me they get one of my puppies home and they are already trained and I hadn’t even done anything!  You just show them where you expect them to go potty and they do it!  Some do tell me it takes 3 days or even up to a week.  Still, though, no complaints!

Below is McMinnville, the last girl!

This little sweetie takes after her daddy, the Australian Shepherd.

A little side note about the Aussiedoodles is that you literally teach them something and they got it!  Potty training is done in usually one day.  They are soooooo incredibly smart!

Puppies come with a six year health guarantee and are very healthy!  They are raised holistically and trust me, it makes a huge difference!  You can register them too if you like.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
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