Anal Glands (sacs)

Some of you may have popped on this page thinking,  what the heck, anal glands, what is she talking about?  Maybe you are thinking you are going to pop right back off this page because of the subject matter, I mean, it is kind of nasty, but don’t, keep reading.

If you own a dog, a puppy, or are getting one, this will come up in a vet visit, that is if you even go to a vet.  Indeed, they will be encouraging you to bring your dog in and get this done!

The anal glands, or sacs, are small and oval-shaped, and sit right inside the rectum of your dog and are on both sides of the anus.

When your dog goes poop, these sacs will empty when the poop goes through the rectum and anus. This is how God intended this to work.

Vets LOVE to tell you to bring your dog in and get these sacs emptied regularly when the reality is, if you let nature takes it’s course, they will empty on their own! I am sure when they are scooting on the lawn, this is what they are doing too, just “helping” it along. They know how to take care of it!

IF your dog is constipated, then these sacs may not be emptying properly but that is easily remedied by giving them some pumpkin.

I have never one time had to have any of my dogs have their anal sacs emptied.  I think the more we interfere the more problems we have.

Please don’t fall prey to this, just let nature takes it’s course, it’s always best!