Air Travel

Shipping a puppy is completely safe.  The airline we use, has a  special “Pet Program” and they do things to ensure the safety of your puppy!  Every single time I have shipped a puppy, the report I get back from the new owners, is that the puppy was happy to see them and wagging his tail!!  We have never had a problem, ever!  If we ever have a problem shipping a puppy we will stop.

A Buttercup, sorry, she is no longer available.

A Buttercup, sorry, she is no longer available.

If you have ever heard a story about it not being safe to ship a puppy, it is when puppies are left on the tarmac when there is a layover.  We pay a little more and use Delta which never has a layover.

There are many things that are entailed in shipping you your puppy.

The first thing I need, is for your puppy to be paid for in full and shipping costs paid, which is an extra $400.00-$450.00, depending on the size of your puppy.  Sorry for the recent price increase.  Lately I have been taking a loss when I ship a puppy.

After this is all taken care of, I will send you your guarantee for you to sign and get back to me.

After this, I take your puppy in for a vet check.  He signs a certificate saying your puppy is in good health and can fly.  (There is a waiver since I do not do vaccinations.)

If your puppy is over 4 months old and it is not my fault but yours because you didn’t want him yet, (this happened once), then you would have to pay for the rabies shot which would be required by law at that age. Then I send you your puppy.

I will tell you exactly where to pick your puppy up and the flight number and expected arrival time.  You will not need to call the airport or do anything extra.
Just pick up your new furry little friend!

You should bring soaked food with you and a bottle of water and whatever else you want. I will be attaching a baggie of soaked food to the puppy’s kennel but he may have eaten it already.

I will be purchasing a kennel ahead of time and this will be yours to keep. This is a plastic crate and will not work for training.

I will also be giving your puppy some Beyoung Lavender Essential Oil  before the flight to keep him mellow and happy.  They supply the water.

Let me know if you have any concerns or questions.