About Us

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We are a warm and friendly family who want to help you find the right puppy. There are 6 of us who take care of your new puppy, 
although there are quite a few more of us!

We have 7 children, 3 girls, (2 of whom are twins), and four boys, although two boys have moved out but have given us seven sweet grandchildren! The grand kids visit and stay with us quite often and love help caring for our puppies! 

We started breeding over 25 years ago and have been enjoying doing it ever since!  The kids are really involved and enjoy the animals, especially my girls!

We also have standard size horses, mini horses, mini donkeys, chickens, turkeys and ducks. We raise the poultry for our autistic boy.  We have had many other animals but they come and go it seems.  I am actually considering getting a camel so I can have the milk for my autistic son, but we’ll see.

We are holistic breeders who take great pride on the health and temperament of our puppies.  See more about this on most of my other pages!

I (the mom of this brood), have spent many hours researching about long term health care of dogs, and this is something I am passing on to you through my website.  While I do offer a six year written health guarantee, I want your dog to stay healthy well beyond those six years!

It is my intent that you learn something here.  We should never stop learning!

I have added other pages that I hope are helpful to some people.  My heart is really touched by the health issues I see people suffering with, especially the children.  I have learned so much so why keep it to myself if it can help others?  I try to do everything in my power to help people.  So if I can be of help, don’t hesitate to email me.