Happy Customers


Hi Maryjo,

I just wanted to email you and let you know about Barney, one of your buttercup puppies. I attached a few pictures if you wanted to see him now. He is a healthy 12 lbs and loves playing with other dogs and snuggling. He spends a lot of time outdoors and playing fetch/tug in our apartment. I also worked with him and he has passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test, and I plan to train him to be a therapy dog that works in hospitals with children.
Anyways, thank you again I really love him. Even my boyfriend who is “not into tiny fluffy dogs” is crazy about him and talks about how he regrets that we didn’t get his brother at the same time!

Below is an email I received from a woman who purchased a Buttercup from me.  I had to ship her puppy as she lives out of state.

Hi Maryjo
Well we finally arrived home from boston about 2:30 am.  We are so happy with this puppy.  She is just so cute and smart.  When we got home we let her walk around the kitchen then we brought her outside and she went potty already.  I couldn’t believe it.!  Gave her just a little water and food put her in her create , she cried a little and then slept till 7:30 , brought her out right away and she went potty again.  I still can’t believe it.  We gave her a bath this morning and she had no problem with it.  Ate a little this morning and more at lunch.  Now she is sleeping in her create at my shop.   She’s sleeping right now.  I let people view her from afar until she is comfortable with us all.

Thank you Maryjo for this beautiful dog.  Her name is Patti.


Miles, a very special young man, was very happy to get a Maltipoo from us.man


Hi Maryjo,
We are thoroughly consumed with our new family member! We renamed her Abbey and wow is she a fast learner! Just today she walked over to the area of the yard we have been training her to go, all by herself and went to the bathroom! We had a busy weekend and had to leave her in her crate for several hours, and we returned to a dry crate!!
It was a pleasure meeting you, and I am thankful you are so willing to support us with any questions we may have and offer the products needed to care for Abbey. You have found another loyal customer in me.
Thank you so much for all you do in providing such treasures to families!!
Living in His Presence,


Hi MaryJo ,
I just wanted to tell you that it has been a pleasure buying my puppy ” Sydney” from you! I will get my baby dog from you Wednesday, but, I figure I will be pretty busy then with my girl!, getting her settled in. Even though I had a bit of anxiety about buying her, sight unseen, and getting her from out of state, and having her fly to me, you did everything you said you would about giving me updates on pictures and telling me every thing I asked about raising her Holistically.

I’m so excited and grateful that you have been the person raising my “puppy” for me until she is 8 weeks and ready to be in her forever home with me! We are just so excited about getting our new baby you can’t even imagine! Thanks so much, and I will keep you updated with cute pics of my baby girl! Thanks again,

Dr. & Mrs. Bruce



Dear Maryjo,
Merry Christmas from Maine! I apologize for not sending an update on Gracie sooner, you have long been on my to do list.  I can’t begin to tell you how much joy she has brought to our lives.  It’s hard to imagine life without her. She is the happiest little dog I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  She starts every morning by bathing me in puppy kisses before going outside to “do her thing.”  When she comes back in she does her happy race all around the house – all you see is a streak of white fluff! She and Fenway (our Golden Retriever) are the best of friends.  He’s very patient and she doesn’t seem to realize there’s a huge size differential between them.  Also, you couldn’t ask for a kinder, sweeter temperament. We have lots of kids of all ages coming in and out of our house and she loves them all, even the babies who love to grab a handfull of fluff and pull! In a nutshell, she is exactly what I was looking for and exactly as you described. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Best regards,
Ann Peterson


Can you believe our Lucy is now almost six months old. I thought I would send you an update with pictures to let you know how we are doing. We are pretty sure that we have the cutest and sweetest puppy in the world.

If you remember the first time I met Lucy she was about 7 weeks old and just a quiet and cuddly pup. She hasn’t changed a bit and is perfect for our family. (7 weeks old because she came to look at her and place a deposit. They stay with me until they are 8 weeks old. Very shocking, these breeders who let them go earlier. The breeder who let’s them go at 6 weeks old is trying to avoid the diseases and problems that show up after 6 weeks of age.)

Lucy has been pretty easy to potty train. I found out that puppies hate the smell of white vinegar so cleaning up a mistake with vinegar and water was a cheap and effective training aid. Lucy was very smart from day one, learning the sit, shake and lay down command within two weeks.

Lucy loves the entire family and has maintained her sweet, cuddly personality. This was very important because we wanted her to sit with my handicapped daughter Brittany. Lucy is very happy to lay in her lap and give her a few kisses. She knows when it is time for Brittany to wake up in the morning and go to bed at night and trots down the hallway to be part of the process every time.

Lucy is able to go outside without a leash, rarely barks and love all visitors. We have yet to find anyone that does not fall in love with her immediately.

We have been taking her to The Dog Doctor in Ann Arbor and it is worth the hour drive!

Thanks so much!


Ruby is a perfect little angel! I don’t think she’s barked once since we’ve had her! (Do Buttercups ever bark!?) She slept on Isabel’s lap the whole way home, played with the kids, ate get up until I did at 7:30 to check on her! Not a peep all night! We were ready for a sad crying puppy and there was none of it! She is eating, snuggling etc. PERFECT AS CAN BE!

We love her! You have given us the most perfect dog in the world! THANK YOU!

Thanks again for everything-she’s wonderful!


Hi Mary Jo,
I just wanted to e-mail and tell you how much my girls and I love our new addition to our family!  He is so laid back and happy.  The girls have to be told to put him down and play with him.  He would let them carry him around all day!  He has learned how to play fetch on his own, and is very entertaining with his silly little antics (like playing with one piece of food and pouncing on it before he eats it!).  The girls tell me almost daily, “Mommy you picked the perfect dog!”  He fits in our family just right.

Thank you again,
Keep raising sweet little puppies for others to love! 🙂



Thank you so much for LUCY. She is the sweetest, cutest, most adorable puppy ever born. She is doing really good with adapting, training, socializing and growing into the focal point of our family. Only GOD could have created something so perfect. More to come, but my computer skills are lacking, so my husband will send u pictures soon.  THANKS


We are so extremely happy with Buster. We had alot of names on the table but after a family vote Buster was the winner. We are enjoying him so much and he is adjusting well. We are very grateful to you. We were so heartbroken when we lost Kiwi in August.
You are a class act!!
I’ll be in touch.


Hello Maryjo,

It’s Sandy we bought Kelly now Angel last Sunday and I wanted to give you some news.  Angel is so sweet and adorable! She settled very easily and fast, she gets on really well with our golden retriever, she wants to play with her.  It took a little bit longer to my cat to be happy with Angel, but after four days they were chasing each other and now they play well together.  All the family is very happy to have Angel, she’s a real sweetheart!  I’m skipping some shopping to be with her!

Thank you for this fantastic puppy.
Sandy & family


Hello Maryjo,
Scotty I purchased in the Spring of 2011.  He was the last one left from The American Idol
Just wanted you to know he is the best dog I have ever owned.  Scotty is loving, loyal,
healthy and happy.
I also just changed VETS!  Our Scotty is now 22.2 pounds and gorgeous.  My new vet is
very impressed with him and even told me he came from an EXCELLENT BREEDER and
it is obvious!  WOW, BE PROUD!  Holistic 100% for my two dogs and I’m following everything
I have learned from you!  THANK YOU!
Your new web site is GREAT!
God Bless You and Your Wonderful Family
I forgot also to tell you—–when I purchased Scotty from you——–I started taking him to
WORK with me from Thursday until Saturday——–I took care of a lady who had a closed
head injury and demenia!  She passed away in October of 2011.
Scotty was a great therapy puppy for her.  She was calm the minute we arrived until
we left.  Scotty entertained her at all times.  She would walk with a walker and he knew
to stay and sit and watch.  He would lay under the table by her when she ate.  Her family
was thankful and grateful that Scotty and I were such a team with their Mother.
We had 24/7 care for her and Scotty and I were her favorite!  We added fun, love and
comfort to her!  I took him to the hospital when she was passing away. 
My Mother will be 90 in January and Scotty loves her and she him.  Marty my 6 year old
male poodle shares Scotty no matter what.
I feel so blessed having Scotty!
Thank You so much!  Your one of a kind!

I was on your website going through all the wonderful information you provide and thought I would drop you a note. I don’t know if you remember us but my husband Al and I purchased our little “Rosita” from you this past Spring. I’ve got to tell you she is the sweetest little lady weighing in at a whole 5.2 pounds! She is so smart and was so easy to housebreak, and you were completely right when I kept asking over and over about shedding – she does not shed at all! She has won over the hearts of all our family! I am sending a picture of her after her first date at the groomers. They said she just laid still like a perfect lap dog! The little pink flower they put on her was adorable – it didn’t stay on too long though, just enough for a couple pictures! I’ve attached one to show you how cute she is! Thank you for selling us our Rosita and for all the great information on your website! Love looking at the pictures too!
Take care,


We purchased an adorable grey and white Buttercup puppy from Maryjo back in Dec 2011.  His name is Barney and he has brought so much joy to our lives!  I am on disability and home much of the time and he has been such wonderful company for me.  He is a darling little guy!   Everyone here considers him a family member; our 18 year old twin boys, Jake and Josh love playing with him.  To my husband and myself, he is like our first grandchild!

He is very smart, funny, affectionate and playful. He still loves to play with his many little animal toys and carry them around with him, even when he goes outside!  He is very fond of my husband Len and enjoy playing games with him, like tug or war and running outside playing frisbee.  We were able to train him very easily, due to his high intelligence and his loyalty to us.

We just can’t say enough about Maryjo and her Buttercups and other puppies as well!  We highly recommend her as a breeder.  Barney has been very healthy, has never been sick.  Her puppies have a wonderful temperament; you never have to worry about them around young children.  Another great thing is that she is always there for you if you have questions or comments, even years later and her 5 year guarantee is a huge bonus!

Debbie Giles


Don’t miss the letter below, this woman really has a way with words and her email is highly entertaining.
She has sent me a few and I will be posting all of them as I find them!
Dear Mary Jo,

We have had a ball with “Cocoa” Jasmine’s new puppy! That is one of the 3 names she had narrowed down. She ended up opting for the name Cocoa.

We found a place, on M-15 just outside of Davison, which sells the food Cocoa eats so I got a huge bag of that particular kind of puppy food. The large bag is in preparation for round two coming on Wednesday…Mr. Freckles!

After that, we went to PetSmart and had a field day buying all kinds of toys, cloths, as well as a dog carrier that holds two dogs and which fits on the owners chest…facing out. It’s the neatest thing. It looks similar to one you’d use if you were carrying a child. It holds up to 2 dogs and will hold up to 20 pounds of dogs. So, it’s perfect! Cocoa looked so adorable in it. I can hardly stand it! He’s just so cute! ha ha ha!

We then went to a resturant, with the dog in this carrier, which was on Jasmine.

Cocoa was so quiet that no one even knew she was on Jasmine’s chest. One lady thought it was a stuffed dog! No one said a word. So we didn’t get kicked out!

Each time the waitress left our table, we’d sneak Cocoa his glass of water and give him a sip and then a nibble of his food! After he would have a bit of his ‘dinner’ and then a drink of water from his glass…we would quietly chuckle.

After that, we headed home. And OH MY GOSH…sis this dog came alive when we got home!

We have a 3,000 square foot home, with 20 foot ceilings. Most of my ceilings have fans on them.

Cocoa became so engrossed with the fan in our living room which was on…(don’t even ask me why…lol)…that he ran in circles….all the while looking up at that fan.

Then he actually played hide and seek with Jasmine. I am not even kidding. It was just belly hurting hysterical to watch.

Jasmine would hide, while holding that rope toy we bought from you. And then Cocoa would sneak up on her…from behind…and he would actually grab that rope and then run like heck and hide behind me!

Then…when Jasmine found him and would take the rope…he would chase her round and round the coffee table. I just laughed my guts out. It was so cute. OMG…he is darling. WHAT a personality. Your daughter was completely right on that!

Cocoa is so tired by now. He is currently out like a light bulb. He’s been playing for hours!

It’s a bit chilly in here (I have my furnace dial down automatically when it becomes night time) and Cocoa was shivering from being outside. So when he came in and was cold…we put him in his crate, snuggled him on his new blue baby blankee, and then sort of placed his crate near the fireplace so he’d warm up.

He just LOVED it! In fact, he sat watching the flames for so long, that suddenly he fell over. I ran quick to see if he was okay…only to discover that the little clown was sound asleep! I woke him up to be sure he was ok. He was! He was just pooped! Isn’t that so hilarious? Watching the fire made him so sleepy…that he literally fell asleep while watching the flames.

I can’t stop giggling over that.

I didn’t think I wanted to deal with a dog. But he is so wonderful. I am really looking forward to Freckles arriving. We got them both little matching gold tags this evening, each with their name and our phone number engraved on them. Not that they will EVER be left unattended but just in case the unthinkable should happen and they get loose. Realistically if they got out, I don’t know if they’d be returned to us. They are pretty darned cute and it may tempt someone to be bad and keep them.

I wanted to thank you for switching out the pups for me. I do love Scruffy. He grabbed my heart strings like none of the others did. But Jasmine laughing today, and more than she has in a long time, has made this entire thing worth the effort and the money. You can’t put a price on a child displaying inner happiness. It’s so valueable. She really wanted Freckles. I loved that one too and so I’m not dissappointed at all. I just hope some will see the true beauty of little Scruffy. He has a wonderful disposition. I think he’s a scream! Just darling! I hope you find him a great home.

Thanks again…
Clara Wagner


Hello Maryjo and Merry Christmas,

Well it has been over a year, and I have been meaning to write you a note for some time now.  I just want to tell you that your darling buttercup “Barb” born May of 2012, is the most precious little dog we have probably ever had in our lives.  She is our third dog in 29 years and by far has proven to be a great addition to our family.
She has turned mostly white, with brown/black streaks in her ears and some darker cream areas on her back.  She is 9 pounds as you predicted and has the most amazing personality and temparment.
Basically we could not be more pleased and rave about this breed to anyone who will listen to us gushing over our dog.
Barb is now named “Roadie”.  Her travels from Michigan to Georgia earned her the name, as her first 5 hours saw her experiencing vomiting, pottying on my brother who had kindly picked her up for us and basically not enjoying her first trip in a car.  The second leg of her journey to us, she did much better and subsequently has become quite the little traveler.  She spent this past summer sailing on our boat in Presque Isle, Michigan, wearing a life jacket of course and truly loves the wind in her face.  She is really just wonderful.
I thought you might want to know and if you send me your cell number, I will text you a fun picture or two so you can see your sweet Barb at 19 months old.
Thanks for everything and I will certainly recommend you and this breed to others.  We could not be more in love with our buttercup “Roadie”.  Have an amazing holiday.

Thank you so much for LUCY.
She is the sweetest, cutest, most adorable puppy ever born. She is doing really good with
adapting, training, socializing and growing into the focal point of our family.
Only GOD could have created something so perfect. More to come, but my computer
skills are lacking, so my husband will send u pictures soon.


Hi MaryJo!

We are loving our buttercups!  It’s so fun to watch them play with each other.  They acclimated to our family like fish to water.  Zoe (mine) follows me everywhere.  She is like my little buddy.  She is so smart and fun!  It’s been a week today and she is sleeping in her crate from 10-6 (knock on wood, no accidents!).  We take her out after she eats and drinks and she does her business!  We are quite proud J.  Zoe has been coming to work with me and my clients adore her.

Mom is loving Chloe (her pup) too.  They are just a loving, soft, fluffy, fun part of our lives.  I can’t believe I have only had them a week.  I can’t imagine our family without them now.

Thank you so much!  You have enriched our lives.

Much Puppy Love,