Tear Staining

My puppies rarely have tear staining.  
I have spent many hours researching the cause of this and I know how to prevent it.

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I have learned much about tear staining through trial and error, many years of trial and error.  This information will be shared with you when you purchase a puppy from me.  You will not need creams or powders to cover it up.
Of course I cannot guarantee this but I can say I am 99% sure it can be prevented.

Beautiful Maltese, no tear staining! Nice and clean, white face.

Beautiful Maltese, no tear staining! Nice and clean, white face.

To those of you who do not know what tear staining is, it is the unsightly, brown, rust or black coloring you see around some dogs eyes.
Also, many Maltese get a “rust” colored face from it. Yuck!

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What Can you Use to get Rid of Tear Staining

If you already have a dog with tear staining, you may be able to reverse it. See me about this when you purchase a puppy.

I had one dog with tear staining a very long time ago and I tried all the stuff that hides the staining but never found anything to work. There are creams and powders that are supposed to prevent it or cover it up but I never found them to work.  Of course these products were tried before I knew the harm they could cause.

There are 2 popular tear staining preventatives out there, they both have chemicals in them, 
which can cause harm since the chemicals are toxins and also drugs.  One is called Angel Eyes and the other is called Angel Glow.  Even if they did work, I wouldn’t use them.

They are very similar and both have an drug in them labeled as Tylosin Tartrate.  The premise behind these two products is that yeast causes tear staining and maybe it does, although I think it does not.  I do not think hormones cause tear staining either.  The drug in these 2 products is supposed to take care of the yeast, thus taking care of the tear staining.  

The things they put in these “whiteners” for your dogs eyes are chemicals and drugs that are just going to weaken their immune system.  

The antibiotic which is in these products, which you would be giving to your puppy/dog daily, would destroy the good bacteria in your pets gut and allow bad bacteria to grow, plus, weaken your dogs immune system.  
It will also cause yeast to flourish.

So please avoid these products!
Please read more about this on my Antibiotics Page.

Many holistic vets and drs say antibiotics should only be used in emergency situations.  I have every single time successfully treated an animal without antibiotics.

Many people who believe it is yeast that causes tear staining, use natural antibiotics.  Although as I said above, I do not think tear staining can be helped with antibiotics. 

Most of the natural antibiotics I think are best are actually essential oils.  
They have multiple purposes too. 

I also do not think it is genetics.
The one dog I mentioned above, who had tear staining, never ever passed it on to any offspring.

I like Ticaboo and 
Spice for Life .  The Spice for Life is my favorite natural antibiotic and I really like using it in conjunction with the Ticaboo, they work really well together.
They cover everything, including heartworm prevention and they rid the body of parasites. You can find these on my Products Page.
These products are not meant to be put in an animals eyes! 

Colloidal Silver is the only thing I would ever put in an animals eyes.  This always cleans up any problems in their eyes. Let me just clarify here, since many of you email me and ask me how much to give them for tear staining. Colloidal does not cure tear staining.
I don’t know if you can get rid of it. As I stated above, if you have a dog who already has it and you purchase a puppy from  me, then I would be willing to help you figure out what to try.